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wall (painting) textures, "knockdown"

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Question: What kind of texture do I have on my walls and/or ceiling? Can I patch it? What's the best way to repaint or match the texture?

Answer 1 ('knockdown' texture):

One common type of wall texture is called "knockdown texture", a.k.a. "knockdown drywall texture", a.k.a. "Mediterranean texture" or Mediterranean-type drywall texture*.

A knockdown finish (knockdown texture) uses drywall joint compound ('sheetrock joint-compound'*) which is sprayed in dollops over the surface of the wall, allowed to set briefly,
and then lightly troweled to “knock down” the tops of the dollops. The result is a rough, uneven finished surface, which is sometimes called 'earthy', 'warm', or 'rustic'; the texture can provide a more natural feel because it looks similar to old stucco. It is sometimes called "Mediterranean texture" because it looks like southern-European (or Spanish-style) stucco (exterior plaster) .  [See reference 1]



  Drywall surface after the initial spray phase.

Drywall surface after finishing with a trowel.


*Note: the words 'drywall' and 'sheetrock' are used interchangeably,
but 'SheetRock' is actually a brand-name.
As it's obviously not a 'sheet-of-rock',
the word 'drywall' or 'plasterboard' is preferred.  
(It's also known as "wallboard" and "gypsum board".)
The word 'drywall' refers to the fact that panels are assembled dry, in contrast to the old
method of using wet plaster.