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Elephant's Graveyard

[myth & reality]

The Elephant's Graveyard is a legendary place where elephants go during the final days of life.The elephants are rumored to be drawn here by a mystical force. Many have claimed to have seen it, but none have managed to find it twice. Some reports claim it is located in Saudi Arabia in the deep desert near Yemen. Expeditions have been sent into this area only to never return. Some speculate that the expeditions died of dehydration, some say desert raiders got them, and still others say that the guardians of the Elephant's Graveyard slaughtered them. The exact nature of the guardian (or guardians) is unknown, and stories vary widely.

Many have sought the graveyard for financial gain, hoping to harvest the piles of ivory. Others have sought the graveyard to save their people...

Legend has it that inside the Elephant's Graveyard is a magic book, which holds many mythical spells and incantations that could bring peace or destruction to the land. A few of the wisest trackers have followed elephants that were near death to the area, only to be led in circles by the elephants. The stories say that one day the elephants will lead man to the sacred grounds and the land shall enter a new age.


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