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What do doves eat?

A dove's diet consists almost entirely of seeds from cultivated fields and weeds along fence rows.

Mourning Dove

Doves generally do not feed in areas containing heavy, densely-matted vegetation. Bare ground on which seeds are available is preferred.

Key Foods:  seeds, grains, fruit, grasses, huckleberry, pine, sunflower 
Corn		Wheat
Rye		Pine Seed
Proso Millet	Grain Sorghum
Sudan Grass	Sunflower
Croton		Wild Millets
Crab Grass	Crowfoot
Sedges		Poke Weed
Wild Peas	Johnson Grass
Evening Browtop	Primrose Millet

Water is an important requirement for doves. Watering sources are used more frequently if bare ground is found adjacent to a portion of the water's edge.

The Rock Dove, the common pigeon, was introduced to the United States in the 1600's.


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