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coffee recipes

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Espresso (a.k.a. 'Italian coffee') is a unique method of coffee making where hot water (steam) is forced by pressure through tightly packed, finely ground coffee, one or two cups at a time. Espresso coffee is a blend that is rich and full-bodied. An espresso should not be bitter but should be smooth and leave a sweet taste in your mouth.

ESPRESSO: A single demitasse* of black coffee, usually drunk with sugar.

DOUBLE ESPRESSO: Two servings of expresso in one cup.

CAPPUCCINO: An espresso topped with 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 foam. It is sometimes served with cocoa or cinnamon sprinkled on top.

DOUBLE CAPPUCCINO: A larger size of cappucino with 2 servings of espresso in it.

CAFFE LATTE: A drink which is a larger portion than cappuccino and is 1/3 espreso and 2/3 steamed milk with little or no foam.

CAFFE MOCHA: An espresso added to a cup of rich hot chocolate and topped with foamed milk.


*demitasse - A small cup of strong black coffee or espresso. or The small cup used to serve this drink. [from the French "demi-tasse" : demi-, half + tasse, cup]


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