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Clutch info, Nissan specific

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Checking / refilling the clutch fluid (1998 Nissan Maxima) has the Nissan service manuals in .pdf form. Definitely worth registering on their site. Keep in mind these are "grey market" manuals, similar to mp3 and movies downloaded off the net. If you're not cool with that kinda stuff, then purchase a print version from your local dealer or find a used one on ebay.

You can also log onto and get most of the information you need. it's basically a Chilton's manual in .pdf form.
Just enter your vehicle information and then click the link on the left that says "repair info."


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·  Should I have my stock flywheel lightened?

"I had the stock unit lightened and balanced(with the pressure plate. Important!). Stock=19lbs lightened=16lbs. Not earth shattering but that's about how much you can safely take out. They took most of the meat out of the outer ring just under the ring gear. The VE needs to get to a certain rpm asap to activate the VTCs and get into the sweet part of the torque band(which is about 3300+ rpm) This thing is only 3 lbs lighter but I can tell the engine gets up and goes easier. Revs faster and keeps on revin'. Drivabilty has not suffered at all. Cost of the lightening/balancing/resurfacing = $160. Not bad considering aftermarket aluminum units cost $500+

1) This mod was done on a VE30DE 1992 Maxima se with the following mods: Cattman Y, Random Technology cat, cat-back exhaust w/ a Y2K muffler, JWT cone intake.
2) Aftermarket units will weigh about 11-13lbs. That's another 3-6 lbs. less than the above mod.
3) This was done w/ a new OEM Nissan clutch(not Nissan Key Value). But aftermarket HD clutches would work fine or even better.
4) I'm happy with the mod and glad I broke down and did it. Something to consider come clutch replacement time."

High Performance Intake:
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"How to Bleed the Hydraulic Clutch" (Nissan-specific)
ClutchWizard (SF Bay Area) "We make shift happen."

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