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Liberty castle:


Created 1st July 1837. Mainly in Staffordshire, but included parts of Derbyshire and Warwickshire.

Sub-districts : Fazeley; Tamworth.

GRO volumes : XVII (1837-51); 6b (1852-1930). 

     Amington and Stonydelph, Austrey, Bolehall and Glascote, Drayton Bassett (1837-95),

     Kingsbury, Middleton, Newton Regis, No Man's Heath,

     Seckington, Shuttington, Tamworth Castle, Wilnecote and Castle Liberty. 

	(Liberty of Tamworth Castle)

Registers now in Lichfield and North Warwickshire districts. 

" 1861 Census for Tamworth Castle Liberty, Warwickshire, England "

Castle Liberty councillor: Peter White


St. Editha-- The community of laymen the unnamed princess founded was mentioned in the will

of Wulfric Spot, Alderman of Mercia, of the early 11th century.  Depending on

where the early fort was situated, and it is thought Ethelfleda`s burh may have been on the site of the present castle, in which case  the princess`s foundation may have

been somewhere in the extensive Castle Liberty.  However, considering it is now thought the

early church was situated on the man-made plateau the present church

stands on, the building could have been in the centre of town.

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