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About 1998, when I wanted to make notes about something, or I tried an internet search and didn't get the summary I was looking for, I started collecting info into single web pages. I was a fan of Encyclopedia Mythica [1] (a resource I used quite often), so I adapted Micha Lindemans' layout for simple navigation, and called the site "Encyclopedia Bizarre" (meaning a bizarre encyclopedia, not an encyclopedia of the bizarre).

Later, when I got my own domain (, I changed the name to Eclectic Content, which I felt was more appropriate. I continued adding content of anything I happened to be interested in at the time, and the number of entries slowly grew.

  Basically, it's just a shared way for me to keep track of all the random associations one comes across in real life and brains are supposed to be so good at remembering but sometimes mine wouldn't.

 (See also: "Enquire Within Upon Everything").


Just like with the rest of the internet, you shouldn't trust anything on this site
without checking with other (more reliable) sources.
I just write or collect stuff here as a handy way to takes notes about a given topic. It's not meant to be authoritative.

Think of it as if you just found someone's notebook lying around. I post it online so that I can access it anywhere, and in the hopes that the stuff here may be useful reference material (general summary info) for other internet users.

The basic philosophy of Eclectic Content is this:
you should be able to get useful summary information about any topic online, quickly and easily, and
the internet used to be about distributed content creation -- in which each person or group has an opportunity to put up their own notes on a subject, or post their own opinion on a subject, or share what knowledge they have about a subject. This is just my own little contribution to that worldwide distributed information sharing.

But if you want more information about a topic, you should visit a library or a book store. The internet is not a substitute for books written about topics, or even a good (real) Encyclopedia or Dictionary. (Web pages are not a good substitute because publishers of real reference books are accountable for accuracy. They also can be readily contacted, and are subject to academic peer review. Lastly, you get what you pay for. The time needed to create good reference material
will generally mean that you will have to pay someone for their work to research and create it. ...Having said that, this site is not above quoting long passages from established reference books. But hey, I paid for 'em.)

- Lyberty, May 2005 (updated November 2005)


eclectic books:
"The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood" by Howard Pyle
"The Book of Five Rings" by Miyamoto Musashi
"A Mad Tea-Party" by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson

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[1] Encyclopedia Mythica (




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