How to get to IronForge/Stormwind City from Darnassus
By: Kessina, Posted at: Mon, Dec 6th 6:07 PM 2004,
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How to get to IronForge/Stormwind City from Darnassus
By Kessina

Noob Night Elf Quest:
Q: "How do I get to Darkmoon Faire when it's in Elwynn Forest?"
A: It's Rut'Theran Village (Teldrassil) --> Auberdine (Darkshore) -boat-> Menethil Harbor (Wetlands) --> Loch Modan --> Ironforge (Dun Morogh)--> Deeprun Tram --> Stormwind --> Goldshire (Elwynn Forest);

Keywords: "World of Warcraft", "Night Elf", "Sword", "Axe", "Train", "Ironforge", "Stormwind City"

Swords (1H or 2H) and polearms are only trained in Stormwind City. Axes
(1H or 2H) and guns are only trained in Ironforge. If you happen to be a
Night Elf and want to learn these weapon skills, you are in a distinct
disadvantage because those cities are on the other continent. To get to
them is a rather lengthy trek. One of the zones is level 20+ with
aggressive mobs so multiple deaths are almost certain.
In a sense, it is not worth it unless you have the cash to train these
weapon skills (10s each) and have the means to obtain a weapon of that
type (either you got it as a drop or have cash to buy). The added
advantage to delaying the trek is that the mobs' aggro radius will reduce
as you level up. (My theory, I have no way or the desire to confirm it.) At
newbie levels, the aggro radius is HUGE.
In any case, here's a walkthrough.

Part I: Teldrassil to Auberdine to Menethil Harbor

1) Start at Darnassus (Elven capitol city on Teldrassil)
2) Go to the bank
3) Drop off all damagable item (anything worn that has durability), as death
damages them and they'll require cash to fix, better to minimize the cost.
Trust me, they won't help you unless you are high level enough to fight
through the level 20+ zone.
... OMG! Are you going naked?! ... Whatever, its your dignity ...

4) From the bank, head west to the portal. That will take you down to
Rut'theran Village (Alliance City) on the south shore of Teldrassil.
5a) Go down the hill in Rut'theran and take the left catwalk to the
Hippoglyph Master and ask for a ride to Auberdine (Alliance City) on Darkshore (level 10 to 20 region, Alliance controlled).
5b) Alternatively, go right and take the boat. It will take you to the same
place, just a little slower and longer. Both are free.
6) In Auberdine, run to the dock. At the end are 3 docks: north, west,
south. Wait at the south dock for the boat. Get on and it will take you to
Menethil Harbor (Alliance City) in the Wetlands (level 20 to 30 region, Alliance controlled) .

Part II: Menethil Harbor to Dun Algaz Pass to Loch Modan
(overview: see this map)
7) In Menethil Harbor, find the Griffon Master so you learn this route.
8) Did I say find the Griffon Master so you learn this route?
9) I did say find the Griffon Master so you learn this route, didn't I? Don't
say I didn't warn you.

10) Head NorthEast out of the Menethil Bay outpost.
From here, follow the path to Dun Algaz. Read every road sign.

[click to enlarge]

11) While running through the tunnels up the mountain in Dun Algaz, you
will most likely die a few times from the orcs/trolls. Don't worry, just get
your corpse back and continue. Since you can recover from a distance,
you can at least advance 10-20 yards farther each time.
Sometimes when you die while inside Dun Algaz, your spirit will spawn in the Loch Modan
because that's closer than the Wetlands graveyard. Just follow
the grave marker on your radar and take the right path at the Y-split to get
back inside the Dun Algaz tunnels.

When you see the first dwarf mountaineer, you know you have made it
through the hard part.

Part III: Loch Modan: Visit Thelsamar gryphon master, then to the Northgate Pass
12) Before you know it, you'll arrive at Loch Modan (area intro).
13) Head south along the path. Read every road sign.
14) Half way down the zone is a little village called Thelsamar. It should
be to your left (east of the path), go there and talk to the Griffon Master to
get that route also.
15a) Head back to the path and go back the way you came.
16a) Head left at the fork in the road towards Northgate Pass.

ALTERNATE ROUTE (either pass will take you to the Region of Dun Morogh):
15b) Head back to the path and continue south.
16b) Right after you pass Valley of the Kings is a path leading west and a
road sign. Go up that path, it will take you to Dun Morogh.

Part IV: Northgate Pass to Ironforge

17) At Dun Morogh, follow the path west, read every road sign.
18) Pass the middle of the zone is an intersection, the sign will point you
to Ironforge.
19) When you reach Ironforge, talk to a guard to find the Griffon Master.
He's in the middle of the city next to the giant forge.
20) Find the weapon trainer if you wish to train axes and gun. Ask a guard
where he is.

Part V: Ironforge to Stormwind City
21) When you are ready to leave, head to Tinker Town (its a district within
Ironforge, look at your map or ask a guard) and run to the Tram station.
22) Take the tram (either tram will do; I always stand in the middle platform) to Stormwind City.

23) The weapon master in Stormwind City is in the Trade District as of this
writing. Go to him if you want to train swords and polearm. Ask a guard
for direction.
24) The Griffon Master is also in the Trade District, talk to him to get the
25) Did I say talk to the Griffon Master to get the route?
26) I did say find the Griffon Master so you learn this route, didn't I? Don't
say I didn't warn you.

Now you are set. Happy?

[enlarge image]

{Note that you can leave the south gate of Stormwind without fear, and take a short walk to Goldshire in Elwynn Forest.
It is there that the Darkmoon Faire appears, the second week of every other month.

My first time running this route was as a hunter at level 8. The trip took
about 40 minutes, no death. Having Track Beast really help in avoiding
death. Not to mention that someone higher level had gone pass just
before me and took care of the orcs/trolls in Dun Algaz.
My second time was as a hunter at level 2. The trip took about 55
minutes, 3 deaths. This time the orcs/trolls got me, not pleasant but no
big deal either. She dinged level 3 just by visiting all those places.
There you have it, from now on, you can go to those places whenever you
want. Just take the Griffon ride after you get to Menethil Bay.
Go knock yourself out.

WOW: Zones: How to get to IronForge/Stormwind City from Darnassus, by Kessina
{redone, with images, by Laisren, Aug 2005}


tram? By: DarkNeas,
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Posted @ Tue, Dec 7th 3:35 AM 2004 Score: Default[2.00]
couldnt u just go by the tram?


RE: tram? By: Sarnath, Guru
642 posts
Posted @ Tue, Dec 7th 12:18 PM 2004

The tram only connects Ironforge and Stormwind. The only way to reach those cities from Darnassus (the first time) is by the method outlined here.


Slightly easier route By: FangSword,
7 posts
Posted @ Tue, Dec 7th 2:03 PM 2004 Score: Good[4.00]

Or, once you get to Menethil, you can swim south along the coastline.

After about 15 mins of swimming you enter Stormwind's boundaries while still in the water, then you drown yourself.

You pop up in Stormwind's graveyard. Talk to the Spirit Healer, reclaim your body, and you've just gotten to Stormwind in less time with less hassle.

Gavynn - Stormrage

RE: Slightly easier route By: Kashae,
58 posts
Posted @ Wed, Dec 8th 5:25 PM 2004 Score: Default[1.98]
I agree with FangSword:

1. Take griffon/boat from darnassus to auberdine.
2. Head into Inn and take the first left to the docks.
3. Take the first boat on left side to Menethil Bay.
4. Swim across bay(watch for lv 20ish crocodiles)and head south along coastline.

*Note* Stay away from the darker waters or you will fatigue and die.

5. Keep swimming/running along coast line until you reach Stormwind but do not die if you don't want to. If you want fast access, when you reach the edge of Stormwind map, just swim into the nothing and spawn in their cemetary. Otherwise, just swim a few more minutes(about 10) south and get out of the water at the beach and head north to Stormwind.

[Kashae - Frostwolf Server]~[Kashae - Tichondrius Server]

RE: Slightly easier route By: Syllaryn,
4 posts
Posted @ Tue, Jun 7th 2:45 PM 2005 Score: Decent[3.00]
I am with Kashae and Fangsword - the swim is very simple.

Just did the swim yesterday, and overall, it was just time-intensive. I packed my gear with me, dove off the dock, and no issues on the swim (if you avoid the fish-heads at Menethil Bay). Rather than dying inside the Stormwind border, I swam a little farther south to Longshore, and ran inland/overland from there. Level 10-13 mobs on the beach, but mostly below 10 just inland on the way to SWC.

Thanks. The swimming idea was brilliant!


Update By: Urofseron,
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Posted @ Thu, Dec 9th 12:23 PM 2004 Score: Default[2.00]
7) In Menethil Bay, find the Griffon Master so you learn this route.
8) Did I say find the Griffon Master so you learn this route?
9) I did say find the Griffon Master so you learn this route, didn't I? Don't
say I didn't warn you.

You can't learn anything from the Griffan Master in Menethil when you first get there, he only says you don't know any connecting routes (something like that).

Once you've found Ironforge and some others, then you can learn the route in Menethril.


RE: Update By: Nekojin, Scholar
1087 posts
Posted @ Tue, Dec 21st 5:18 AM 2004 Score: Default[2.09]
You're mistaken... talking to the Gryphon Master when you're in Menethil is important.

You see, when you learn flight paths, you're not actually learning the flight paths... you're learning the points. When you activate both points involved in a flight path (like Menethil Harbor and Ironforge, for example), then you "learn" the flight path between the two.

If you talk to the Gryphon Master in Menethil, then when you talk to the Gryphon Master in Ironforge, you will complete the flight path. If you haven't talked to the one in Menethil when you talk to the one in Ironforge, then you'll still have to walk back to Menethil to activate the flight path.


North Gate route By: weissblau,
14 posts
Posted @ Wed, Jan 5th 9:02 AM 2005 Score: Default[2.00]
If you don't want the Thelsamer gryphon, hang a sharp right when you enter Loch Modan and run behind the round building and up the hill. This puts you at the North Gate entrance to Dun Morogh instead of the South Gate entrance, so you can basically skip the entire LM run. Not a big deal if you are 10+ but for a level 2-3 it might be an improvement.


Dumb question By: jcdenton,
5 posts
Posted @ Wed, Jan 12th 5:49 PM 2005 Score: Default[2.00]
Can't you just get a teleport? Or do you have to have been in the target city first?

Also, I got excited reading that you can cut the travel short by going south from the Bay and then drowning once you entered stormwind territory.

But, it sounds like if you did this, you would have no way to get back to the tree/Darkshore since you did not hit up all the griffon masters on the route.

So this tactic would only work if you dont care about going back right away.

Have I got that right?

The auction house is in Ironforge too. just ask a guard if you made it till town.


In Auberdine By: Snub,
1 posts
Posted @ Mon, Feb 28th 9:20 PM 2005

Ok, when you are at the dock you need to head down it and it will have a 3 way fork. north is nothing (i think). right is a boat as well but its not the one your looking for. so take the left one and it should come up to a captain guy who will teleport you to menethil harbor (wetlands).(there used to be a boat that went back and forth but ppl kept gettin disced on it so blizzard made it a teleport guy instead).

Now that your at the wetlands, Get the flight path there and then You can either swim to IF or SW from what i hear from ppl (havent done it myself), OR You can just run through wetlands like a brave soul done the path to the east. About half way through the country theres gonne be 2 fork points. Just pass the first one and keep goin until you hit the second one and you should make sure your heading south until you find some long enclosed hall ways with Alliance Mountain Dwarves all over the place. you should pass threw about 3 of them and afterwards you should at least be on the same map as IF And Make Your way. Dont die to much in wetlands.


RE: Ghost/Wisp By: Razorfever,
3 posts
Posted @ Sat, Mar 5th 11:13 PM 2005 Score: Default[2.00]
No, I tried it. The spirit healer sends u back to the graveyard your spirit spawned at. Although dying to the Murlocs right outside Menethil isnt a bad idea to take 1/3 of your trip through the wetlands off. Very easy and boring trip.


Quick By: Eclipsa,
9 posts
Posted @ Sun, Mar 6th 11:05 PM 2005 Score: Default[2.00]
Quick version from Darnassus:

-Get to the bank and go behind it, you'll find a pinkish-purple portal with runes around it, simply step into it.

-You'll end up in Rut'Theran Village you can either go to the left up the ramp to the Griff. master and fly to Auberdine or go to the right down the dock and get on the boat to Auberdine.

-From Griff. master, go into Auberdine inn (right off the dock where you landed) and go up the stairs straight down the long dock. Turn left and talk to the boat operater and click complete. From the Boat, just go straight across to the other side and talk to the boat director.

-You will end up in Menethil Harbor. Follow the deck, you will see the Griff master on the right, talk to him and continue your way out over the bridge.

-Once off the bridge, follow the path and all the signs, very easy to follow. Beware of mobs, they will aggro very easliy to low lvls.

-Get to Dun Algaz and, again, follow the path and read the signs. there are 2 spots where orcs will be. If you are a rouge, you can stealth past them usually. One part, you may have to wait for one to move if you don't want to die; however, when I went with my lvl 8, I aggroed him and ended up jumping down the side- did not take all my life, so I was fine, orc did not follow.

-You will end up in Loch Modan. You can take the N passage (easiest) or the S passage (for higher lvls. and flight route to Thelsamar). The north passage is right near the path, you can go up and around into more tunnels.

-In Dun Morogh, you really just need to follow the path and signs and you can get there very easily. IF is right near the middle of your map, west of N and S passages.

-To get the SW from IF, look on your map, go to Tinker Town, and get on the Tram (free and faster than griff.)(however, talk to griff master in IF center, easy to find, lots of people/lag :D)

-In SW you will end up on Dwarven District. The Giff. master is in Trade District.

Though I like taking the tram, I suggest you fly at least once between IF and SW, it's a very interesting flight, lots of cool things to look at esp. for lower lvls.
If a lower lvl on Gilneas needs to get there, I make the trip often with a few lowers. pst Eclipsa if you want to take the trip.

main server- Gilneas (NE rogue)

great guide By: francisbosch,
2 posts
Posted @ Thu, Mar 10th 7:50 PM 2005 Score: Default[2.00]
saved me hours of playing...followed this to the letter and did the whole thing under 30 mins.



A shortened easier tried and true method. By: Kourg,
139 posts
Posted @ Tue, May 31st 9:00 AM 2005

I find that getting to IF from darkshore isnt all that bad.

Just put gear in the bank in darnassus, take the boat from Auberdine to Menethil and then rez at the Wetlands graveyard after one of the crocs kills you.

You need to make it out away from Menethil a bit or it'll send you to the town graveyard.

You want to be sent to the other side of the area to cut run time. Not difficult.

Then once you get into Dun Algaz and through the first tunnel let the first Orc you see kill you and rez at Thelsamar.
From Thelsamar its all easy roadrunning to IF. Make sure to get the flight paths in Menethil and Thelsamar.

I do this run at lvl 1 with all of my NE characters now. Works like a charm.


Just did the swim to SWC By: Syllaryn,
Posted @ Tue, Jun 7th 2:43 PM 2005
I am with Kashae and Fangsword - the swim is very simple.

Just did the swim yesterday, and overall, it was just time-intensive. I packed my gear with me, dove off the dock, and no issues on the swim (if you avoid the fish-heads at Menethil Bay). Rather than dying inside the Stormwind border, I swam a little farther south to Longshore, and ran inland/overland from there. Level 10-13 mobs on the beach, but mostly below 10 just inland on the way to SWC.

Thanks. The swimming idea was brilliant!


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