IRQ 16? That is extremely odd since there are only 16 total IRQs available on an x86 based computer and the first IRQ number is 0. This means that the highest IRQ available on any PC is 15. So IRQ 16 shouldn't even exist.

A list of reserved IRQs is:
0 System Timer (CPU)
1 Keyboard
6 Floppy Controller
8 System Clock (BIOS clock)
12 PS/2 Mouse
13 Numeric Co-processor
14 IDE Channel 1
15 IDE Channel 2

So when all that is finished, you're generally left with:

What about IRQ-2? That's an old hack left over from the conversion of an 8 bit bus to a 16 bit bus. IRQ 9 is actually hardwired to IRQ 2.


Win2k does this using some trickery involving the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI). Before you try what I say below make sure you've done all the simple things like the newest drivers for all your system components. If that doesn't fix it, you can disable ACPI using the following steps (note that although it might help you, this didn't help me when I tried it - in the end I had to use Win98 for games):

1. Disable the Plug n play setting in your BIOS and also ACPI if you can (if there is an option in your BIOS setup)

2. Go to Device Manager in Win2k and double click Computer, then ACPI. Go to the driver tab and click Update driver

3. Select Display list of the known drivers and select Show all hardware of this device class

4. Select Standard PC from the list and install the driver

5. Win2k will want to reboot and when it does it will identify all your hardware again and ask for drivers

6. You'll probably have to restart again and it will find more hardware