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Mbps ("megabits per second" or "million bits per second") stands for millions of bits per second and is a measure of bandwidth (the total information flow over a given time) on a telecommunications medium.
Some sources define a megabit to mean 1,048,576 (that is, 2^20) bits. Although the bit is a unit of the binary number system (base 2, the source of the "1,024" based values), bits in data communications are discrete signal pulses and have historically been counted using the decimal number system. For example, 28.8 kilobits per second (Kbps) is 28,800 bits per second

Measurement from Cisco Jan. 6, 2003 to CNET Test (selected "408" and connection "LAN/WAN"): 11302 Kbps - You
{rating= dude! (above 5mbps barrier)}

Example of test results (this is Download speed only):

McAfee test
from Cisco, Jan 2003:

Test result (measures download speed only):

13,000 kbps (or 1.6 MB/second)

A local review puts Pacific Bell - SBC DSL in San Jose at
1200 kbps up [1 Mpbs] and 100 kbps down.

Try the up AND down speed test.

A more expensive Covad DSL package offers "download speeds of up to 1.5 mbps."
The most expensive ($70 a month) offers "1.5-3.0 mbps download/384 kbps upload "

Similarly, Covad offers:

1500/384 ADSL for $70 a month
1500/128 ADSL for $50 a month
384/128 ADSL for $40 a month

The average for local Comcast Cable appears to be 1755/239!

User experience with Speakeasy in San Jose :

"I ordered 1500/256 : My speeds were 1311 Kbps down and 330 Kbps up. Contract was $49 per month (12 months)"
Speakeasy 1500/256 RADSL: $50 per month. has a $35 package...for 1000/128


Home Tests via WLAN:

January 6, 2004; DSL provided by SBC Pacific Bell
cnet [1-6-2004]: 1143 kbps
mcAfee [1-6-2004]: 1.29 mbps [1287 kbps]
broadband reports: test to SPEAKEASY 1308 / 215
broadband reports: test to Linkline (LA) 1254 / 217
"Connection speeds for DSL Internet Service typically range from 384 kbps to 1.544 mbps downstream, and 128 kbps upstream. "

"Price for 1.5 mbps/256 kbps Comcast High-Speed Internet service is $42.95 per month for Comcast cable customers. "
As of January 2005, Comcast Cable Internet still not available in San Jose (in Silicon Valley!).

June 2005 -- 2005-05-30 20:38:30 Speed test @ 1220/308 kbps

August 2005: speedcap is probably 1500 / 384

CNET TEST for DSL provided by "SBC Yahoo!" (SBC Pacific Bell)
727.4 kbps
647.9 kbps
2005-08-27 23:54:00 EST to "Megapath": 1219 / 317
Your download speed : 1219 kbps.
A 152.3 KB/sec transfer rate for D/L .
Your upload speed : 317 kbps.

to "Speakeasy" (Seattle): 2005-08-28 00:02:41 EST: 1250 / 318

692.08 kbps
(86.51 KB/s)

WANTED: 3000/512 (actual: 1409/424??)) ..... cable = 4000/384 ?? 6000/768 ??
"Blast-Past DSL Fast with speeds up to 6 Megs! At Comcast High-Speed Internet, we just increased our speed to a blazing 6 Megs for even faster downloads. ..."
"Maximum download speeds of 4 mbps (or 6 mbps) and maximum upload speeds of 384 kbps (or 768 kbps) depending on the product line that is selected. Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Many factors affect speed. Increased download and upload speeds not yet available in all areas. "

"The '$10 Add-on for Speed' costs $53/mo. for basic cable customers. You may purchase a cable modem for $100 or lease a modem from Comcast for $3 a month. You can opt for a Self-Installation Kit ....blah blah blah."

"The $10 Add-on for Speed delivers you a 100% Pure Broadband(TM) experience. Super blazing fast speeds (6 mbps downstream and 768 kbps upstream)...

(notes taken Aug. 27 2005)

"only available in Comcast cable wired and serviceable areas to new residential customers and to former residential customers with accounts in good standing who haven't had service for the last 120 days. Receive Comcast High-Speed Internet for $29.99/mo until 12/31/05."

Aug 29 2005: to new jersey: 576 down / 311 up ; to speakeasy 1201 / 318

Sept. 2005:

Speed for SBC Yahoo! DSL - subscribed package = "1500\384 ADSL"
[ TEST for DSL provided by "SBC Yahoo!" (SBC Pacific Bell), San Jose, California; zip code 95112, area code (408) {San Jose,Santa Clara,CA} ]

{October 6, 2005} MAX UPLOAD: 36 KB/s (KiB/s) [288 kbps] (listed maximum is 48 KB/s [384 kbps])

Advertised packages for Sept 2005: = [Pro 3000\512 package, $25/month; 0.5mbps-3.0mbps Download , 384kbps-512kbps Upload]

Comcast Cable Internet: max 4000\384; more likely 3000\256
( Maximum download speed: 4.0 mbps. Maximum upload speed: 384Kbps. In some areas, maximum download speed of 4.0 mbps is not yet available; in those areas, the maximum download speed is 3.0 mbps and the maximum upload speed is 256Kbps. )


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