Nostromo n45 Dual Analog USB GamePad

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Mfr Part # F8GBPC001


• Built-in Mouse Functionality (Joy to Mouse)

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Windows XP Nostromo Programming Software and Drivers

Version 3.0d ( 8/5/2004)
15.76 Mbytes

Downloaded from Belkin Website on Jan 1 2007

Full list of support downloads for the n45 product:

          Windows XP  F8GBPC001 User Manual              		2/4/2002  1.02 Mbytes  
Windows XP F8GBPC001ea User Manual - English 9/19/2003 130.15 Kbytes
Windows XP Nostromo Array Programming Software Manual 2/4/2002 719 Kbytes
Windows XP Nostromo Programming Software and Drivers 3.0d 8/5/2004 15.76 Mbytes
Windows XP Nostromo Screensaver (PC Only) 2/7/2002 3.78 Mbytes
Windows XP RegClean for Nostromo 1/17/2003 3.11 Kbytes
PC Windows Game Profiles 2002-02-05 772 Kbytes

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G:\APPS (downloads software)\2007-01_Joystick-2-Mouse_Freeware (=  )

Q: Is the Belkin "Array Programming" software required for the nostromo controller to work?

A: No. The controller will install and function as a standard joystick controller.
You will need the software for games that don't normally use joystick commands or if you want to add more functionality to the controller.





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