IPS - in-plane switching LCD monitor technology

Example of IPS application:

from marketing material for the NEC monitors:

"The MultiSync 90 Series [LCD-24,90-WUX.i , LCD-26,90-WUX.i] utilize
the highest-quality active matrix
LCD modules used in professional flat-panel, wide-angle monitors.

Each has slightly different characteristics that make them
suitable for different types of applications. The in-plane switching
(IPS) type module (indicated with an i in 90 Series model
boasts the best possible color and grayscale accuracy
and minimal gamma (brightness tone) shift at off angles. These
features make IPS LCDs more suitable for demanding, color-critical
applications, while dark black colors and excellent grayscale
reproductions make the IPS panel ideal for medical applications.
In addition, the MultiSync LCD2690WUXi achieves 93.4% coverage
of the Adobe RGB color space."


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