problem 1: no connection from laptop to WRT54G Access Point
solution: tweak settings

problem 2: no connection from Windows Me computer to WRT54G Access Point
solution: The program for connecting that came with the router doesn't work. Instead, installed BOINGO.

Troubleshooting Linksys Wireless Routers

This page is based on my own experience (September 2003) with trying to set up a WRT54G wireless G router
with a Linksys WMP54G wireless PCI card and an IBM laptop with built in Cisco wireless.

Trouble with your Linksys router (can't connect to router)? Try this:

(arcane secrets: why do they make us do this?)

In the Advanced router configuration:
set "Wireless MAC Filter" to "Disable"
change "Becon Interval" from 100 to 50.
change "Fragmentation Threshold" from 2346 to 2304
change "Transmission Interval" from "54 Mbps" to "Auto"
"DTIM Interval" (whatever that is) is "3".
"RTS Threshold" is "2347"

After performing those steps, my Laptop (aironet client) was able to connect!

Note also: under Wireless > Basic Wireless Settings, the "Wireless Network Mode" should be set to "Mixed"
if you are trying to connect from a laptop (because your laptop wireless card probably doesn't support "G-Only").

I was quite pleased by this, and fully expected the remote Desktop computer
(with the WMP54G PCI card) to start working. But when I fired it
up, same old problem: the linksys client software told me "No Association with AP"
In the "Site Survey" tab, the SSID did appear, with Signal Stregth "Fair".

Know what the fix to this was, in the end? (after trying everything else under the sun: wasted a week trying to troubleshoot)
Delete the Linksys software, and install the free Boingo software.


[Update: After I upgraded from Windows Me to Windows XP, this problem went away. Windows XP does the setup automatically,
so neither the Boingo software nor the Linksys software was needed.]

Tom's Linksys WRTG54 Wireless-G Broadband Router Review


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