This page contains notes, etc. about PCs purchased from CYBERPOWER (

1. Complaint: Rebates are a Scam, Cyberpowerpc does not provide Rebate forms. does not retain links to Rebate forms, and does not include copies of rebate forms when it ships your product.

A short time after finally receiving, unpacking, and doing the initial system setup on a PC ordered from Cyberpower, I attempted to go to their website and print the rebate forms. I could not locate them (the forms that apply to PCs purchased the last two weeks of December) anywhere (despite seaching with Google, trying the Internet Archive, etc.).

The site lists only the rebates currently being offered. I tried called sales/support, and was told that I only had to go to the product page listing because "we have floating rebate offers"; this is not correct because the rebate offers have VERY restrictive time windows. They are clearly designed to greatly reduce the ability of purchasers to redeem the rebates.


The problem is twofold: one, you have to wait for the PC to be built and shipped before you can begin processing the rebate, and two, you have to be able to test the product before you send in the rebate (a potentially time-consuming process for PC components), because redeeming the rebate means that you can not return the product.