Adobe CS "Design Edition" - A Comparison of the Two Versions

Adobe· Creative Suite· 3 (CS3) ' Design Premium' and ' Design Standard'  software combine

with full new versions of the following components:

CS3 Design premium CS3 Design standard
i adb InDesign CS3 adb InDesign CS3
i adb Photoshop· CS3 Extended adb Photoshop· CS3 -
i adb Illustrator· CS3 adb Illustrator· CS3
i Flash· CS3 ('professional') [^1] ---
macromedia Dreamweaver· CS3 ---
i adb Acrobat 8 Professional adb Acrobat 8 Professional

In a nutshell: if you buy the standard package, you will not be getting Flash and Dreamweaver, and you get the standard version of Photoshop as opposed to the "Extended" version.

[^1] - There is no 'Flash CS3 Basic' software; i.e. there is only one version of Flash in the CS3 release.

CS3 Design Pack for Publishing


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