From rare and unavaliable 4AD material circulated amongst the members of the 4ad-l mailing list.

The sound quality of these mp3 files varies wildly. Some of these tracks come from fourth-generation tapes, some come straight from cd, and most fall somewhere in-between. Download below by Right-Clicking or Function-Clicking on the song title links.

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The list:

01_ RareOne: His Name Is Alive - Darlin'   ....:: release info
02_ RareTwo: The Breeders - Fortunately Gone (Exclusive mix)
03_ RareThree: Swallow - Lovesleep
04_ RareFour: Lush - Rupert the Bear
05_ RareFive: Pixies - I Bleed
06_ RareSix: Bauhaus - Dark Entries
07_ RareSeven: Unrest - Yes She Is My Skinhead Girl
08_ RareEight: Throwing Muses - Santa Claus
09_ RareNine: Xmal Deutschland - Tag Fur Tag (Demo) 09_ RareNine: Xmal Deutschland -- Tag Fur Tag (demo)
10_ RareTen: Pale Saints -- A Deeper Sleep for Steven

18_ RareEighteen: Colourbox -- Manic II

This Month's Featured Track:

RareSeven: Unrest -- Yes, She Is My Skinhead Girl

{4.90 MB (5,139,317 Bytes)} \\ band info (eyesore) \\ album info (amazon)

Featured lyberty.com Archive Track:

RareThree: Swallow -- Lovesleep

{4.96 MB (5,208,451 Bytes)} \\ disk info (eyesore) \ disk info (amazon)

Featured WayBackMachine Archive Tracks:

RareNine: Xmal Deutschland -- Tag Fur Tag (demo)

RareEighteen: Colourbox -- Manic II

These versions of these tracks are, to the best of my knowledge, not available from anywhere,
but you can buy other releases by these artists from 4AD or CDNow.

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For more info on the albums, see 'eyesore' (the 4ad database).


Throwing Muses

the Cocteau Twins