eMachines recommends Windows Vista® Home Premium.
Windows Vista Capable

Just open the box and you're ready to go, for the tasks of today, and the needs of tomorrow. Microsoft's new operating system "Windows® Vista®" is coming—and your new eMachines computer is ready for it.

Windows Vista represents the future of computing. When it becomes available, this new operating system will introduce a breakthrough PC experience that is designed to grow with your PC hardware. PCs with higher graphics capabilities and system memory will produce Windows Aero™, an enhanced experience with stunning visuals including translucent windows, 3D perspective, animations, rich texture and more.

The team at eMachines has been partnering with Microsoft since the announcement of Windows Vista to ensure our customers have an easy transition to the future of computing. That's why you can feel confident in knowing that all new eMachines systems are future-ready and Microsoft Windows Vista Capable, enabling you to run this next-generation operating system.
You don't want your new computer to be outdated next year, and neither do we.
Windows Vista can dramatically improve your computing experience, but only if your system is capable of running all the new features that Windows Vista has to offer. All eMachines PCs configured with 512MB of RAM meet or exceed Microsoft's requirements to run Windows Vista.
Look for the Windows Vista Capable logo while you're shopping for your new eMachines PC.