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Examples of video projects; it's a way for me to keep notes, and I'm publishing them just in case others might find them informative or useful.

These are examples only, and are not necessarily intended to be guides.



- from source dvd vob and 2 mpeg files > create a new DVD using Nero [January 2005]

- from demuxed video and audio > comparison of Xvid quality vs MPEG quality [October 2005]

- extract transport streams from Satelitte DVR
(dishrip); [November 2005] aka - dishrip guide - DVR 625 (part 1)

- from transport stream (.tsp) > extract video and audio, create new file (as MPEG, XviD/DivX, or VOBs)
[October 2005] (part 2)

- add new subtitles to a DVD

- from independent collection of VOB files to DVD with menus (Nero Vision Express) [November 2005]


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