Make new disk consisting of three programs: 58 minutes; 21 minutes
Source files: .vob, .mpg, .vob


Source info:

720x480; interlaced; MPEG-2; 4:3; 29.97fps; AAC 
        2-channel audio (DD)MedievalSeige3
DVD ripped to Hard Drive (VOB files)
main movie (title 2) :

Source File Audio:
Source File Average Bitrate:
Source RunTime:


787 MB (with commercials); 29 minutes?; 4400 kbps VBR (3000 average)

MPEG file recorded from television using PVR hardware.

In NeroRecode, I can not add this file, except as a "Data File" (Data Files are not encoded).

I tried to trick Nero Recode into recognizing this file by renaming the extension from .mpg to .vob; however, even though I could then get Nero to recognize the file, it could not actually process the file. The program would repeatedly crash if I tried to actually do anything with that VOB file. Also, as seen in data at right, file attributes were not correctly identified.
Click for full NeroRecode window image

Source File Video Average Bitrate: 3.07-4.40 Mbps (per Nero)
GSpot: 4400 kbps
MP2 Validator: 4400 kbps (3000 average / 5017 peak)
Source RunTime: 29 minutes

MP2 Validator data:
X= 1.0242085661080074487895716945996
Nominal bitrate (Sequence Header) = 4400000 bps -> 4,400 -> 4296 Kbps
(4296*x = 4400 ; x= 1.0242085661)
Average Bitrate = 2928 Kbps *x= 3000 [3.00 Mbps]
Peak Bitrate (1 sec) = (4899 Kbps *x)= 5017 kbps [5.02 Mbps]

AlmanacHeavenonEarthJudaism: VOB version of this file: VTS_01_1.VOB

541 MB (without commercials); 21 minutes; 4400 kbps VBR (3004 average)

Used Nero to re-encode MPG file as DVD files.

VOB Quality, per NeroShowTime : 2.14 -2.97- 3.35 -3.91

VOB Quality, per NeroRecode: 3.07 [3070]
Runtime 21.44 minutes

MP2 Validator:
Nominal bitrate (Sequence Header) = 4400000 bps (4400 kbps [4296 Kbps?])
Average Bitrate = 2933 kbps [3004 Kb?]
Peak Bitrate (1 sec) = 4789 kbps [4905 Kb?]

First tried converting DVD to Nero MP4 (MPEG4).

For MP4, Nero will allow you to convert an actual DVD, but will not allow you to add MPEG files (non-VOB) to the project.
SOLUTION: rename DVD-compliant MPEG file to ".vob".

Converted from a purchased DVD to a Nero Digital MP4 file:
Before: 2.59 GB [VOB]
After: 1.28 GB [mp4]
Compression: 49%

But only my first program (Medieval Seige-Trebuchet) was DVD format. The other two were MPEG.

=================Test: convert MPEG to VOB, then covert VOB to MP4 ========================

MP4 Nero Digital Quality Settings: either Cinema/High Definition [9.80 Mbps] or Standard [ 4.00 Mbps]
______21 minutes at 9.80 Mbps:__ 1,546 MB
______21 minutes at 4.00 Mbps:____637 MB______Actual MP4 Result when 4000 Q selected: 536 MB
______source VOB size 3.07 Mbps:__541 MB!
output: average bit settings: about 3000 { 2.54 - 2.86 - 3.21 - 3.93 - 4.17 - 4.25 -4.48 }

Time needed to encode (highest quality/lowest speed; CPU priority=highest): 27 minutes
Output: SOURCE_FILES Title 1.mp4 ; 549,189 KB [536 MB]

Evaluation: No point in re-encoding to MP4. You just lose quality. File size is about the same (536 MB MP4 instead of 541 VOB).

The result might be different if you start out with a very high quality MPEG file. For example, you could record from
TV in a max quality setting, then re-code to 4000 kbps MP4.... But for 4400 MPEG's re-incoding is pointless.

Another annoying thing about Nero Recode is that the process for changing the encoding settings isn't obvious.
To change compression setting, uncheck "fit to DVD" and choose "Nero Digital Profile: Maximum Definition".
Then you can use the slider to set the kbps value to whatever you want (from 12 kbps to 9.80 Mbps).
Results with using DivX to compress a 4400 file to 3040 have turned out pretty well (88% file size; e.g. 886 MB instead of 1,013 MB)...
Next time, try MP4 setting of 3.04 to 3.13 Mbps.

General Observations:

Reincoding is best for large size source files.

For example, decent quality was obtained from reencoding an MPEG recorded at 6400 aver bitrate/ 8000 peak bitrate to DivX "3031" (656x480)
Result was a 58.3% compression rate. Output file was 987 MB instead of 1693 MB.
But if you start off with a lower bitrate quality (e.g. "4400" instead of "8000"), the file has already been compressed, and there's no point re-shrinking.


MP4 to DVD comparison:

(file:MedievalSeige) The quality of the MP4 (1.28GB) is much better than the VOB encoded by Nero at 4840kbps.
Negative: the MP4 does not have chapters. However, Nero Showtime lets you use the time slider
for the MP4. Does not allow you to use the time slider for VOBs.

Per NeroShowtime, MP4 VBR averages about 3.40 mbps [3480 Kbps?] (2.25 - 3.36 - 4.77 - 6.77) with a peak of 6770 kbps.

MP4 encoding settings: ??


=================Attempt: make standard DVD from 3 file types========================

New Disk: 4.29 GB (4395.6 MB / 4,609,120,256 bytes) out of 4.377 MB/4482 MB