dishrip - Satellite-based DVR to Windows PC Hard Drive


The information formerly on this page has been removed (sorry)..

Save yourself a lot of time and hassle and just buy a DVD Recorder; they're cheap now.


For the record, the design and engineering of DishNetwork's "DishDVR" software is
amazingly good (I've been using the DVR 625 for years). Ditch your Cable Company:
get DishNetwork instead!

That goes for the User Interface, Response Time, Functionality, etc. The hardware
is awesome too. The remote control, for example, benefits from very intelligent
and thorough usability design and testing; e.g. being able to find the button you want
just by touch because of size and positioning of buttons; ergonomics; et cetera.

Sometimes you don't really realize how good something is until you try something similar
that's bad. In this case, I tried Comcast Cable's DVR. It's a pathetic joke -- especially
when compared to the ease of use and User Experience (interface, etc.) of DISH NETWORK's
Digital Video Recorder. (The interface/usability/ functionality
of the DVRs offered by CABLE companies that I've seen
are slow, ugly, annoying ... really sluggish and hard to navigate. DishDVR's, by comparison,
has instantaneous response times...)

And, man, do I appreciate my DISHNETWORK remote control more now that I've tried the
remote controls made by Philips ...

- Lyberty, July 2008

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