Shape of Life (Vol. 1):
Origins/Life on the Move (2002)

Enhanced Widescreen Letterbox

Running Time: 1 hour 46 minutes
Language: English, Spanish
DVD Release: 10/29/2002

review by Liberty M.
" PBS Series "
This disk consists of two programs, of the type you would see on the Discovery Channel. The two programs constitute the first two episodes in a series called "The Shape of Life". This eight-part series -- which originally aired on PBS in 2002 -- "reveals the dramatic rise of the animal kingdom through [recent] breakthroughs of scientific discovery." For more on the series (including Extra/Bonus content), see Vibrant, beautiful cinematography and a quick pace (with exciting music) make the discussion of how biology appears to have evolved interesting. Episode 1, "Origins", discusses the appearance of the very first animals; what was the first animal on Earth? How do we know? Episode 2, "Life on the Move", explores the question of how animals first began to move, and shows examples in the seas today of animals with techniques for moving identical to the first animals. Great underwater cinemetography. Overall, I wish there was more underwater filming.


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Studio : Sling Shot