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 The 'All New'
  Getting Along In Japanese
(2005, NHK/Japan Broadcasting Corp.)

This series' official N.Amer. webpage appears* to be http://www.martygrossfilms.com/films/gettingalong/getting.html
if this website is legitimate);
you should be able to order it from that page (if you can figure out the cryptic ordering process).

(Note that the prices, however, are not reasonable —they appear to be based on the "highway robbery" model of educational textbooks.)

'TV Course Japanese - All new getting along in Japanese'

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Posted by [tomsato]  to Blogspot on December 5th,  2007 [link to original (1)]

TV Course Japanese - All new getting along in Japanese Shin Nihongo de Kurasou
Japanese | 22 minutes each | 360 x 280 | PAL (25 fps) | DivX | Audio: MP3 (mpg audio) - 128kbps |
each [episode is] =~ 80 MB

The All New Getting Along in Japanese - Shin Nihongo de Kurasou  is a TV Show from Japan [designed] to teach foreigners Japanese [through short] skits & typical 'every day' situations[. The episodes are in Japanese through-out, with the exception of "key phrases," which are translated to English, Portuguese, Korean, and Chinese.]

Phrases [are] explained by [a] Japanese sensei (teacher) & practiced by [three] non-Japanese students. Shin Nihongo de Kurasou ( All new getting along in Japanese ) [was] aired in one season [consisting of] 25 [lessons].

If you’re looking to learn useful Japanese phrases, I’d say [that] Nihongo de Kurasou is a pretty good show. It’s not for beginners, though [as there is no explanation in any language besides Japanese]...

[I am] looking forward to the next episode ... [it's] called “picking up chicks.” (^3^)

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  • Episode 1 - "Asking Questions" - OSHIETE MORAU - 教えて もらう
    • ebook : Textbook 1 (in English, Portuguese, Korean, and Chinese)
      [ The All New Getting Along in Japanese Book 1 Lesson 01-08 small.pdf ]
  • Episode 2
    • ebook: Textbook 2 [kurasou2ebo.rar] >
       [ The All New Getting Along in Japanese Book 2 Lesson 09-17.pdf ]
  • Episode 3
    Episode 4

Mirror [rapidshare.com]:

Episodes 5 - 25 will be updated later, I working on it !


See [ tomsato's] blog for more Japanese Learning Videos and Ebooks !

In total there are a total of 4 Seasons of Japanese TV Courses :

1. Lets learn japanese - Basic 1 ( and the best of all )
Very easy to understand for beginners, because of english teacher, explained in english.
Great course for teaching real language japanese.

2. Lets learn japanese - Basic 2
The followup series, also with teaching in english, but for those who finish watching
the basic 1 course

3. Nihongo De Kurasou - Will be posted later, a 25 Episodes Series
Japanese TV Course for Advanced learners. Teaching in japanese, subtitles in english.

4. Erin ga chosen - Nihongo Dekimasu (2007)
New Start of the series in 2007 with Mangastyle teachers, and explanation in japanese
Skits with english subtitles. Needs some japanese basics to understand fully, but very
helpful for reallife language.


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    • The All New Getting Along in Japanese Book 1 Lesson 01-08 small.pdf

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Technical Details:
Sound: mpga , 2 ch.,
Size: 80 MB per episode
Aspect: tbd
Quality: 720 x 480 (visual 780x544) ; 3.40 Mbps



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