Bittersweet Fools OP
(opening mubie)

This is the opening video to the Minori game Bittersweet Fools. It was animated by Makoto Shinkai, and is one of his earlier works, so you get to see how his style has evolved in the past few years.

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Running Time: 00:02:13 (2 minutes)


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Link 1: Bittersweet Fools OP (25 MB)
Link 2: Makoto Shinkai shorts collection (80 MB)

  • Egao music video
  • Beyond the Clouds pilot [subbed by The Triad]

Makoto Shinkai is the animator responsible for the superb Hoshi no Koe (aka Voices of a Distant Star). Here we've collected together a few of his other works, subbed by both Chibi no Choco and others:

Bittersweet Fools was a game from Minori, which he animated the opening video for.

Egao is a cute little music video to a song by Hiromi Iwasaki, which aired on the Japanese program "Minna no Uta" and was so popular that they put out a DVD with just that video on it.
Beyond the Clouds is his current project, scheduled to be released as an OAV in 2004.

If you like these, you'll also want to download the Wind collection from NNL , since he was involved in that game too.












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