nihongo notes 4
Understanding Communication in Japanese
by Osamu Mizutani and Nobuko Mizutani
182 x 110 / Paperback / 160 pages
Weight: 135g
Domestic Price: 1000 yen
Published: December 1977
Nihongo Notes 1-5 represent a collection of 350 columns that appeared in The Japan Times in a column entitled "Nihongo Notes" from August 1976 to April 1983. They are designed to explain some points that are difficult for foreigners to understand but that, once explained, can help them understand the Japanese language better.


sasoimasho [sasoimashou] (Let's ask her to go with us.)
(Let's invite...)
otomo-shimasu [otomoshimasu] (I'll go with you.) おともしますから - Since I am going with you...
chotto oshiete-kudasai (Please show me how to do it.)
(...teach me?)
((et cetera))