Translating The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion into English

[Submitted by Laisren, March 2008]

What the game says …actually means … in English
“Drain <X>” (a spell effect) …actually means… “Temporarily Lower <X> ” (where <X> is an Attribute or Skill).
“Damage <X>” (a spell effect) …actually means… “Permanently Lower <X>” (where <X> is an Attribute or Skill).
Absorb <X>” (a spell effect) …actually means… “temporarily Steal <X> from target” (where <X> is an Attribute or Skill, in Points or Skill-Levels).
The effect could also be thought of as “Suck from Target” or “Drain from Target”.
“Grab” …actually means… “Manipulate Object or Corpse”
(”Grab” is a user control. See “Grab” section below for details.)
Shock Shield …actually means… (a spell or magic effect)
[Shield] magic effect + (plus) [Resist Shock] magic effect
Soul Trap …actually means… (a spell) Any of the following:
[Capture Magic Essence] or
[Trap Essence] or
[Spirit Capture] or
[Spirit Energy Capture]
Soul Gem …actually means… (an item that recharges Magical Items)
[Spirit Stone] or
[Magic Essence Stone]


” Grab “

One of the most glaring omissions from the documentation for the game ‘ES 4:Oblivion’ is for the control labeled “Grab”. This does not mean, as implied, some sort of grapple (”grab opponent”)… rather, by pointing at an item or corpse in-game, then pressing and holding the Grab button, one can move an item around. There is no animation of using your character’s hand(s) to touch the item, so it functions like a sort of telekinesis.

Once you’ve discovered how to move or throw items, it does make for some fun little “mini-games”, as you can play with items (or corpses, if that’s your thing) while experimenting with the game’s physics.
(I highly recommend that you experiment with how items behave when you manipulate them; note item-collisions, the effects of gravity and friction, “grab points” on items, et cetera.)

A general note on abbreviation: “TES4″ is a sometimes used, but improper, abbreviation of “The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion”. The proper abbreviation is “E.S. 4″ or “ES 4″ (as you don’t abbreviate the word “The”). You could also use “ES 4:Oblivion”.



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