to look up and down:	press and hold L2+R2, use directional buttons
to look right and left:		L2 or R2
to center view behind you:	double-click L2 or R2

to high jump:		crouch (L1), then press X button
to glide:			crouch (L1), press X button, press X again and hold it

to flip blocks:		face block, press and hold L1 (crouch), 
			press square (action) button

to aim projectile (torch, spear, etc.) or carry wounded opponent:
				press and hold Triangle button

to throw projectile: 		release triangle button
to cancel projectile-throw:	keep holding Triangle, hit L1
to grab a block (to move it):	face block, press and hold Square button

to walk instead of run:		press and hold R1, use directional buttons

to pick up something/take item off wall:	face item, press Square button
to pick up weapon:		stand along left side of it, press Square button


So dig it: I didn't have the manual, so I spent the entire first half of the game not being able to look up or down! I thought, "Man, this game design sucks!" I had to guess where I should jump..... Even with the look up/down, I hate 'jumpy levels' (jumping from beam to beam, etc.): even when you make jump after jump, you invariably fall off because the controls are twitchy...