Guitar Hero Rocks the 80s (GH II - 80s)is an expansion for the PlayStation 2 game "Guitar Hero II"

Alternate Name (1): "Guitar Hero II, Part 2: the 80s"
Community abbreviations: GH:80s , GH II - 80s , GH_II.2

Song List, Base Scores, and Extrapolated Star-Ratings:

about: the "base score" is the score that would be given with an "Average Multiplier" of 1x. In other words, you get the "base score" by hitting every single note in the song at a x1 multiplier. [more details] Average multipliers are used to calculate the "Star-Rating" you receive at the end of a song. An average multiplier of  2.0x, for example, will earn you a 4-star review (i.e., a Star-Rating of 4).

From this value, you can extrapolate hypothetical 6-star, 7-star, and 8-star ratings/reviews (as seen at


Table 1: Base score, and scores needed to achive 4 through 8 Stars on the song "What I Like About You" on Medium and Hard.

Song Base Score 4-Star 5-Star 6-Star 7-Star 8-Star
on Medium difficulty:  
What I Like About You 24,673 49,346 69,085 88,823 108,562 128,300
on Hard difficulty:  
What I Like About You 58,750 117,500 164,500 211,500 258,500 305,500





Career Diary


GH 2:the 80s: current objectives:

(1) get all 5-Star ratings for Medium
(2) get through Hard (all songs, 3 stars or better)