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Download 1: Final Fantasy XII Battle Ultimania ("Ultimate Guide") - torrent

Torrent File : download [FF_XII_Battle_Ultimania_JPEGs.torrent]
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Download 2: FF XII Guide, English (PDF)

Enhanced version of the Official Guide PDF.
This version has the following features:
  • PAGE CORRECTED -- this means that the PDF page number matches the print page number. (i.e. cover pages removed)
  • TEXT SEARCHABLE -- this means that in the PDF, you can now use [Ctrl]+[F] to search for a keyword/phrase/location/item name/etc. (Note that OCR process is far from perfect: not all text can be accurately found! This is true for the Bestiary in particuar. Désole.)
  • BOOKMARKS -- now you can jump to a section without paging through or entering page numbers!

> download [FF_XII_GUIDE_-_ENHANCED.7z]* <
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