Missing Documentation for the
"PcSXbox" PSX emulator (for XBox) :
the "Throttle Method" setting

Menu Option: "Throttle Method "
Options: " original " or " fixed "

As this option is meaningless to anyone who didn't upgrade to pcsxbox version 15 (from version 14), you can think of this option as
"In-Game Fast-Forwarding : [constant] or [normal]".

You should probably set this to " fixed ", as this represents "expected behavior" and is less likely to cause problems.

"Throttling" here refers to holding down a controller trigger to "fast forward" (FF) the game while you are playing it.

"fixed" means that the author of the tool fixed a bug with "throttling", so that the throttle flag is properly released when the trigger is released (i.e. doesn't become "stuck" in FF). (Note that it does not refer to CPU or SPU throttling at a fixed rate, as I thought it did.)

Reason this option is on the configuration screen:

From the "release notes" / "what new" for version 15 of PcSXbox :

"What's new:

- Added "Throttle Method" option to game configuration screen.
The original way that throttling was handled in all versions
prior to [pcsxbox] v.14 is that once you hit the throttle/FF button once, it
would set a flag that would never get cleared, even after you
release the throttle/FF button. In v.14, I "fixed" this bug, but
apparently people liked the bug - so now they have the option of
making use of it.
It defaults to the way things were before v.14. "

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