In a time now long forgotten, the world was ruled by the The Winglies, who oppressed all other beings, including man.
During this dark age, a new creature was born; humans with the souls of Dragons. These were the Dragoons, who rose to liberate the world,
re-shaping history in countless battles with The Winglies and their evil compatriots.

Eleven thousand years after the liberation, in a place called the Endiness Continent, peaceful life was once again endangered by an unknown force.
It is the destiny of Dart and the Dragoons to challenge these unknown forces and bring The Endiness Continent back to peace again.

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BlueBox Toys: The Action Figures (BEWARE! Spoilers!)

official sony website (has cool vigniettes of characters; nothing else interesting)

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Toutes les armes & Niveau maximum : Avant l'écran de la phase de combat, appuyez sur
SQUARE, X, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, R1, L1, R1 + L1, R1 + R2, L1 + L2.
Dans le combat suivant , vous aurez toutes les armes et le niveau maximum. (Version US uniquement)

All weapons & maximum Level: Before the screen of the phase of combat, press on
SQUARE, X, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, R1, L1, R1 + L1, R1 + R2, L1 + L2.
In the following combat, you will have all the weapons and the maximum level. (US Version only)

Plus d'Expérience : Restez sur le bateau fantôme et affrontez les flammes bleues pour obtenir beaucoup d'expérience facilement. (Envoyé par Pierrot)

More Experience: Remain on the ghost ship and face the non luminous flames to obtain much experience easily. (submitted by Pierrot)

Perdu : si vous ne savez pas où aller, sortez du lieu où vous vous trouvez (ville, lieu de combat) et appuyer 2 fois sur R2

Lost?: If you do not know where to go, leave the place where you are (city, place of combat) and press 2 times on R2

Vie au maximum : A l'écran principal, appuyer simultanément sur
carré, triangle, carré, rond, droite, droite, gauche, haut, bas, bas, haut.
Votre vie sera alors à son maximum, vous disposerez de tous les objets. (Envoyé par Benjamin )

Life to the maximum: With the principal screen, press simultaneously on
square, triangle, square, circle, right-hand side, right-hand side, left, high, low, low, high.
Your life will be then with its maximum, you will have all the objects.