Black & White 2 - tips, crib sheet, FAQ, walkthroughs, patch


So much for the Patch. It's just B.S.
1. After you install their patches, you cannot use any of your saved games. God forbid that you start playing
the game before installing the patch.
2. After I installed their second patch, the scene where you pick your creature was completely black except
for the Good and Evil sprites. In other words, the game became unplayable because I could not progress
past the beginning.

Patches are supposed to IMPROVE the game, not make it worse. (Jerks.)



  • Armies are called "platoons".
  • You can replace the losses by essentially creating Soldier Disciples. Pick up a bunch of civilians with your Multi Hand Pickup, making sure that the last civilian you pick up is an adult male (it can't be a woman, or a child, or an old man, in other words), then hold down the button to drop all of the civilians onto the platoon. If it said that they were going to turn into Soldiers, then they'll instantly join the platoon as new soldiers.
    You can usually exceed the maximum size of the platoon in this manner. If a platoon has 36/40 soldiers alive, and you pick up 20 civilians and drop them all in, then you should wind up with 56 soldiers in a platoon that originally had 40 units. There's no particular benefit or drawback to this, although with certain special units, like the Undead Legion or the Seven Samurai, you can make super-huge platoons of super-powerful units.

Land 4 - The Norse

  • The Old Man And His Back
    This is sort of like an Easter Egg. There's no scroll (objective hint), but if you examine the coastline near your starting point, you should see an old man by a cave. If you pick him up and throw him down the coastline, you'll be able to try and set a record.
    Anything over 100 units of distance or so should net you 15,000 tribute. ... Nice!