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The Fellowship of the Ring, Book I

The Fellowship of the Ring begins in the village of Hobbiton, in the land of Eriador........

(1) Hobbiton — One of the older villages of the Shire. It spans around the Hill of Hobbiton, near the Pool of Bywater, in the Westfarthing.
Both Bywater and Hobbiton forms a single community.
(2) Bywater — A village in the Westfarthing of the Shire, astride the Great East Road near the Pool of Bywater, and not far from Hobbiton-on-the-Hill.
(3) Buckland — A strip of wooded country, nominally part of the Shire, though it lays on the eastern banks of the Brandywine River (Baranduin River), between the River and the Old Forest. [ view map of Buckland ]

(4) Old Forest — The name given in the Shire to the area of ancient woodlan which lay east of Buckland, between the river Brandywine (Baranduin) and the BarrowDowns.
(5) Bree — Being where Frodo and his companions stopped at The Prancing Pony Inn; Frodo accidentally used the Ring and disappeared; the landlord, Barliman Butterbur gave Frodo a belated message from Gandalf; and the four hobbits met 'Strider'.
(6)Weathertop — Once the site of an ancient watchtower, Weathertop is where 'Strider' (Aragorn) and his hobbit-companions found a message scratched on a stone by Gandalf and where they were attacked by the Black Riders.

The Fellowship of the Ring, Book II

Book II begins with Frodo awakeing in Rivendell, Home of Master Elrond Half-elven...

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