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The Corsican Brothers

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LES FRÈRES CORSE, 1844 - (The Corsican Brothers) -- A short work (an "outline work") by Alexander Dumas père (1802-1870), in which Siamese twins, separated at birth, maintain a psychic knowledge of each other's dire fates.

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The Corsican Brothers (United Artists, 1941)
- Douglas Fairbanks Jr. plays Siamese twins, separated by a good doctor after their parents are killed by Vendetta, personified by Akim Tamiroff in bolero suits. One goes to Paris, one to the Corsican Mountains to become, respectively, a gentleman and a bandit. What will happen? "I have performed the miracle I have separated their bodies. But what of their souls?" Lucien [the bandit] feels everything Mario [the Parisian fop - I mean, gentleman] feels. 20 years pass...then another year...and they are reunited in Corsica. Banditry and a vendetta (involving, or course, a Corsican countess) ensue. Story by Alexandre Dumas. 112 minutes.

Start the Revolution Without Me (1970) - Madcap comedy involving two sets of mismatched twins who meet just before French Revolution. Stars Gene Wilder as "Claude/Philippe" and Donald Sutherland as "Charles/Pierre". Somewhat ignored in 1970, now has a deserved "underground" popularity. This movie has amazing location shots filmed in France (they kind you won't see anymore). Worth seeing for the locations alone.

Cheech & Chong's The Corsican Brothers (1984) - If you like that kind of thing....




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