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Macromedia / Adobe Flash Animator ("Flash")

"WISA" is a collection of products used for deploying advanced (asof 2006-2007) websites,
or (to put it another way) a collection of tools used as a "web application framework".


Flash on Ubuntu Gutsy stalls periodically (try, eventually flash will stall the browser).

But using an application called Wine-Doors, Windows versions of Firefox 1.5 and 2.0 can be installed, which will, in turn, install flash for windows. Flash running on Firefox for windows, in wine, works perfectly and even supports Windows scroll-mouse support.
Also, Firefox portable for windows will install on wine and can be used to install flash in the wine environment.

FYI, Dreamweaver installs in Wine, but Studio MX doesn't work in Wine.
But if you have Innotek Virtual Box (the only completely Open Source Virtual Machine environment available),
you can install Windows on Ubuntu and use most windows applications in that.

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