Abbreviation for "802.3 10Gbps Ethernet Passive Optical Networks" 
(speed equivalent to 10,000 Mbps networking) 

July 17, 2006 - IEEE 802 Plenary Meeting - San Diego, CA

IEEE 802.3 Study Group: 10Gb/s PHY (Physical Layer Specification) for EPON
A report to the IEEE 802.3 WG by Glen Kramer, glen.kramer@ieee.org
{overall meeting: presentation materials: http://grouper.ieee.org/groups/802/3/10GEPON_study/public/july06/index.html }

Objectives of the "10G EPON" Standard

• Support subscriber access networks using point to multipoint topologies on optical fiber
(Passed by voice vote without opposition)
• PHY*(s) to have a BER better than or equal to 10-12 at the PHY service interface
(Passed by voice vote without opposition)
• Provide physical layer specifications:
– PHY for PON (Passive Optical Networks): 10 Gbps downstream \ 1 Gbps upstream,
single SM fiber
– PHY for PON (Passive Optical Networks): 10 Gbps downstream \ 10 Gbps upstream,
single SM fiber

*Physical Layer / Physical Transport Media (Fiber Optics)

Items (PAR)

2.1 Title of Standard: ... - Amendment: Physical Layer
Specifications and Management Parameters for 10Gb/s Passive
Optical Networks. (Y:46, N:0, A:4)
5.2 Scope of Proposed Standard: The scope of this project is
to amend IEEE Std 802.3 to add physical layer specifications and
management parameters for symmetric and/or asymmetric
operation at 10 Gb/s on point-to-multipoint passive optical
networks. (Y:48, N:1, A:2)
5.5 Need for the Project: The project is applicable to subscriber
access, back-haul, and multi-dwelling unit environments. The
project is needed to enable telecommunications operators and
multiple system operators to provide advanced bandwidthintensive
services, such as high-definition television, while
– reducing footprint and power consumption of central office
– minimizing service upgrade cost
– minimizing fiber deployment costs.
(Y:49, N:0, A:4)

• There is no existing 802 standard or approved project appropriate for
wire line access using point-to-multipoint topology at 10Gb/s.
• The proposed project is a 10Gb/s upgrade for users of Ethernet
Passive Optical Networks specified in IEEE Std 802.3-2005. The
solution may include more than one Physical Media Dependent
sublayer specification to support different optical link budgets. The
solution may include a 10Gbps symmetric solution and/or an
asymmetric 10Gbps downstream/1Gbps upstream solution.

buzzword, July 2006: "10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 Gbps networking) technology " [link]


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