Robin of Sherwood (1984)

The Hooded Man, as portrayed by Michael Praed who came on to TV Screens 
in 1984, was a different Robin Hood. The haunting musical score composed 
and performed by Irish folk/rock group Clannad and authentic period drama 
gained a new generation of viewers. Robin, a poor yeoman of Loxley village, 
had two new friends: Nasir, who like Little John, first fought Robin then 
joined him; and Herne the Hunter, Robin's mystical mentor akin to 
King Arthur's Merlin, who gives him a new longbow and protective sword 
called Albion. Jason Connery played Robin in the third and final series, 
which meant a change of character where Robert of Huntingdon becomes Robin. 

The mixing of traditional ballads with magic and sorcery brought the series a cult following.

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