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The list which follows is old: many online stations stopped broadcasting after the Recording Industry was rewarded the right to charge huge licensing fees for internet radio stations....

International Stations

This Internet-only broadcast plays Jazz, Folk, and Blues music and claims to be broadcasting from sub-Antarctica.  (RealPlayer) 


LV3 700 AM
News and music from Cordoba, Argentina.  (RealPlayer)


101.1 TTFM
"Double T FM" broadcasting modern pop music from Melbourne, Australia.  (MS Media Player)

2DAY 104.1 FM
Playing "Today's Best Music" from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.  (Windows Media Player)

2GB 873 AM
"The Talk of Sydney", playing News-Talk from Sydney, Australia.   Look for the "On-Air" on the lower right. 

2KY 1017 AM
Racing and Sports radio from Sydney, Australia.  (RealPlayer)

4BC 1116 AM
News-talk radio from Brisbane, Queensland.

5UV 531 AM
"Australia's Premier Community Radio Station" broadcasting from the campus of the University of Adelaide. 

6MMM 96.1 FM
Popular hits radio from Perth, Western Australia.

8HA Sun FM
"In Touch with Life" playing top hits and rock music from Alice Springs, Northern Territories, Australia.  Click on the player arrow under the center logo to start the webcast.  (RealPlayer)

Top hit music from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  (RealPlayer)

The Basement
Internet-only broadcast from the Sydney, Australia jazz & blues club of the same name.  (Windows Media Player)

An Australian internet broadcaster with five channels of music including rock, country & more.  (Windows Media Player)

EDGE 102.1 FM
Playing Hits from the 70s, 80s, and 90s from Wangaratta, Australia, this station takes requests by email.  (RealPlayer)

Fox FM 101.9
Hit and rock music from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  Scroll down and click on "Enter the Fox Here."  (Windows Media Player)

"The hottest radio station on the net" playing hit music from Sydney, Australia.  (RealPlayer & Windows Media Player)

Quantum Radio
"Only the dedicated survive" playing a world of music from Azabyzhan to Zanzibar from Australia.  (RealPlayer)

Radio Australia
Broadcasting from Melbourne, Radio Australia mixes news at the top of the hour with general interest programming.

SA-FM 107.1
Top hits music from Adelaide, South Australia.  (RealPlayer)

Triple M-FM 104.7
Rock music from Adelaide, South Australia.  (RealPlayer)


Radio Salzburg
This Austrian station's website is in German as is the programming.  The station was carrying local music when I tuned in. 


Darik Radio
This station broadcasts news, information, and local music from Bulgaria in the local language.  (RealPlayer)


CBC North Radio
Broadcasting from Canada's Arctic coastline, this site has links to the audio from five Canadian Broadcasting Corp. stations.

Country Music from Edmonton, AB.

CFOX 99.3 FM
"Vancouver's Real Rock" broadcasting from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  (RealPlayer)

CFQM 103.9 FM
"Hot Country" from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. 

News talk radio live from the national capitol, Ottawa, Ontario.

CFRB 1010 AM
News-talk radio from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  (Windows Media Player)

CHAS 100.5 FM
"The Sault's Mix 100" playing more variety music from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. 

CHUM 104.5 FM
Hot Adult Contemporary music from Toronto, ON, Canada. 

CIBL 101.5 FM
Playing a variety of music from Jazz to Blues to Classical to Alternative, this French-language station is in Montreal, Canada.  (RealPlayer)

CILK 101.5 FM
"Silk FM" playing soft Adult Contemporary music from Kelowna, BC, Canada. 

CIXK 106.5 FM
"Mix 106.5" playing Country and Rock music from Owen Sound, ON, Canada. 

"The Fan" Sports radio from Toronto, ON, Canada.

CJRT 91.1 FM
Featuring primarily Classical and Jazz music, this station broadcasts from Toronto, Canada.  (RealPlayer)

CJSD 94.3 FM
Rock music from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Look for the "Turn it on Now Rock94 FM !!" line near the bottom of the page.

CKBY 105.3 FM
"Y105 -- Today's Best Country" from Ottawa, Ontario.   (RealPlayer)

CKCB 95.1 FM
"The Peak" plying Adult Contemporary music from Collingwood, ON, Canada. 

CKDJ 96.9 FM
"Ottawa's New Music" playing alternative and independent music from Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  (RealPlayer)

CKGF 1340 AM
"Boundary Kootenay Radio *LIVE*" from Grand Forks, BC, Canada. 

CKKL - 93.9 FM
"Kool 93.9" playing top hits from Ottawa, ON (RealPlayer)

News, Talk, & Sports Radio originating from British Columbia.  (RealPlayer)

Adult Contemporary music from Prince George, BC, Canada. 

CKRA 96.3 FM
"MIX 96" playing the best hits from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.   (RealPlayer)

CKRY 105.1 FM
Broadcasting the best of Country music from Calgary, AB, Canada.  This station was Canada's "Country Radio Station of the Year" in 1997. 

News and Alternative music broadcasting from Edmonton, AB, Canada. 

CKZZ - 95.3 FM
"Today's Best Music" broadcasting from Vancouver, BC  (RealPlayer)

Broadcasting a variety of programming from Burnaby, BC, Canada.

Net Radio
Claiming to be Canada's first internet radio, the station plays contemporary rock music from Montreal, QC.

This Internet only station broadcasts a variety of music and programming only in French from Montreal, Canada. 

Virtually Canadian
Playing a wide variety of music tending towards electronica, raggae, heavy metal & punk rock.  The web pages are generally very large and slow to load.   (RealPlayer)

Broadcasting Adult Contemporary music from St. John's NB, Canada, this station's web site contains extensive local and national news. 

China (People's Republic of China)

104 FM Select
Live local language broadcast from Hong Kong, China.  (RealPlayer)

China Radio International
This is the English language broadcast of the People's Republic of China's international radio service.  (RealPlayer)


88.9 FM
Super Stereo from Colombia.  Click on the Windows Media PLayer symbol, then on "da click aquí, para que abra tu media player."  (Windows Media Player)

Costa Rica

"Feminist International Radio Endeavor" provides on-demand news clips on women's human rights issues.  In Spanish & English.  (RealPlayer)


Hrvatski Radio / Croatian Radio
Click on "HR1" for this news and information broadcast from Zagreb, Croatia in the local language.  (RealPlayer)


Playing modern music from Cyprus.  Announcements are in the local language.  (RealPlayer)

Czech Republic

Eldoradio 88.4 FM
Eldoradio Live Country from the Czech Republic.  (RealPlayer)

Radio Evropa2
From the Czech Republic, this local language station plays hit rock music.   (RealPlayer)

Radio Prague
This live transmission is based on their international short-wave broadcast. Check the schedule to determine when the broadcast will be in your language.


Kiss 102.4 FM
Playing popular hit music from Helsinki, Finland.  (RealPlayer)


no problemo Web Radio
This Internet only station plays Top 40 Hits from Paris.  The website and broadcast are in French.  (RealPlayer)

NRJ -- France
Hot music online including hits, house/techno & dance music from Paris, France.  The site and broadcast is in French.  (RealPlayer)


104.6 FM RTL
"Berlin Hits Radio" playing popular hit music from Berlin, Germany.   (RealPlayer)

News in German from Munich, Germany.  (RealPlayer)

Bayern 3 Live
Hit rock music from Bavaria, Germany.  (RealPlayer & Windows Media Player)

Eins Live
Hot alternative music from Kohn, Germany.  Click on the speaker symbol at the top of the page.  (RealPlayer)

Energy 103.4
Mainstream hits from Berlin, Germany.  The site and broadcast is in German.  (RealPlayer)

SWR3 101.1 FM
Contemporary hit music from Baden-Baden, Germany.  (RealPlayer)

WebRadio Waischenfeld
This German language webcast plays Alternative music and broadcasts from Waischenfeld, Germany.  (Windows Media Player)


Magic 98.2 FM
Playing modern, popular music, this Greek language webcast is from Chania, Crete, Greece.  (Windows Media Player)

MAX 100.2 FM
A Greek language internet broadcast playing a variety of music and talk.   (Windows Media Player)

MRB 101.0 FM
This Greek language cybercast plays a variety of music from alternative to folk and broadcasts from Chania, Crete, Greece.  (Windows Media Player)


Radio Budapest
This on-demand daily English language broadcast is updated at 0415 UTC.   (RealPlayer)

Slager Radio
Greatest hits of the 60's and 70's broadcasting from Szabadsag, Hungary. (RealPlayer)


RadioFM new.gif (81 bytes)
The complete Indian radio only on the Internet, with a variety of Indian and English programming from India.  (RealPlayer)

Radio Of new.gif (81 bytes)
News and regional music in various languages for the Asian-Indian community world-wide.  (RealPlayer)


102.3 FMania
Hit music and talk from Jakarta.


2FM OnLine
Popular, hit music from Dublin.

Highland Radio
"Ireland's Most Listened to Local Radio Station" playing hits and local programming from Donegal, Ireland.  (Windows Media Player)

"Waterford Local Radio" from Waterford City, Ireland.   (RealPlayer)


Arutz-7 105.2 FM
Broadcasting in Hebrew and English from Jerusalem, Israel. This service of Israel National Radio does not broadcast on the Jewish Sabbath.

BZU Outloud new.gif (81 bytes)
A half-hour bi-weekly on-demand news program in English and Arabic with archives of past shows from Birzeit University in the West Bank, Israel.   (RealPlayer)

Radio Tel Aviv 102 FM
Music from Tel Aviv, Israel.  (RealPlayer)

Virtual Jerusalem
News and popular Israeli music in English from Jerusalem, Israel.   (RealPlayer)


Radio 105.0 FM
Playing today's top hits from Milano, Italy.  (Windows Media Player)


BeachFM 78.9
This station provides an hour-long weekly Jazz music program on-demand from Tokyo, Japan.  (RealPlayer)

Korea (Republic of)

Radio Korea International
Broadcasting news and music from Seoul in 10 languages; check the schedule to see when the broadcast will be in your language.  (RealPlayer)


Radio M1
European Hit Music from Vilnius, Lithuania.  (Windows Media Player)


Macedonian Radio
This official public information station provides news, information and local music from Skopje, Macedonia in the local languages.  (RealPlayer)

"i-DISC Internet Digital Jukebox" broadcasting Popular music selections and on-demand from Singapore, Malasia.  Also in Chinese. 

RTM Radio 4 - 100.1 FM
News and adult contemporary music (in English) from Kuala Lumpur.


tu 1/2 *en vivo*
Hit music from Monterrey. In English and Spanish.


Radio Netherlands
This is Radio Netherlands international broadcast from Hilversum, Netherlands.  The programming is in several languages -- check the schedule for yours.  (RealPlayer)

New Zealand

bFM 95.0 FM
This station offers a variety of programming from Auckland. The morning program's introduction (1900 UTC weekdays) must be heard to be believed!  (RealPlayer)

Radio Active 89FM
Playing a wide range of alternative music from rock to jazz and raggae to hip-hop from Wellington, New Zealand.  (RealPlayer)

Radio New Zealand
From Wellington, this broadcast includes news and general interest programming.


Radio Pakistan
Live government radio from Pakistan.  (RealPlayer)

Papua New Guinea

NAU FM Papua New Guinea
Music and news (in English) from Papua New Guinea.


Radio Romania
This state owned station broadcasts news and information from Bucharest in the local language.  (RealPlayer)

Radio UniPlus
Local news and Top 40 hits music from Constanta, Romania in the local language.  (RealPlayer)


Radio 101
Top hits from Moscow, Russia.  (RealPlayer)

Samara-Maximum 104.3 FM
Playing top hits from Russia and around the world from Samara, Russia.   (RealPlayer)


Perfect Ten
Hit music from Singapore (mostly in English).  (RealPlayer)


Radio Slovenia
Broadcasting from Ljubljana, Slovenia, this station provides news, talk, information, and local music in the local language.  (RealPlayer)

South Africa

Live from Johannesburg, this station broadcasts a variety of programming, including news, commentary, and music.


Mikro Centrum
There are two shortwave radios capable of being controlled over the Internet at this Umea, Sweden site. 

The Ultimate Web Short-wave Receiver
Located in Huddinge, Sweden, the frequency setting on this receiver can be adjusted via a Java control. Access is controlled through a free signup.


Radio 105
"One-O-Five" radio playing alternative music from Muttenz, Switzerland.  (RealPlayer)

United Kingdom

BBC World Service
Broadcasting from London, the BBC is the standard for international short-wave broadcasts, providing a unique view of world events.    (RealPlayer)

BBC Radio 1
Playing popular & alternative music from England.  Clicking on "Listen" pops-up a new window with an embedded player.  (RealPlayer).  

BBC Radio 5 Live
Local news and sports from the BBC.  (RealPlayer)

Capitol Gold 95.8 FM
Oldies from across the Atlantic broadcast from London, UK. 

interFACE Pirate Radio
This Internet-only London broadcaster plays Alternative music from 4 PM to 4 AM British Time (11 AM to 11 PM ET) and all weekend from four servers.  (RealPlayer)  

Internet Student Radio
On-demand audio clips from England on several topics from news to finance, including cuts from independent music artists.  (RealPlayer)

LBC 1152 AM
"The Voice of London" with news-talk programs from London, UK.   (RealPlayer)

RamAir FM
The UK's leading student radio station broadcasting news and entertainment from the University of Bradford,  UK. 

Solar Radio
Broadcasting a wide variety of music from jazz to rock, soul to oldies and much more from London, England.  (RealPlayer)

World Radio Network
This service from London provides news and information broadcasts from a range of world radio stations per this schedule.   (multiple players) 


B92 92 FM
This station broadcasts news and information from Belgrade, Yugoslavia.  (RealPlayer)

Radio Index 88.9 FM
Broadcasting news, information, and local music from Belgrade, Yugoslavia.   (RealPlayer)