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Portishead's world is surreal, unsettling, and seductive.

Taking their name from their hometown in England, Portishead digs deep into jazz, soul, film noir soundtracks and pain on their debut Go! Discs/London album "Dummy". Imagine Billy Holiday singing Dante on a David Lynch soundtrack. Imagine Joy Division coming out of the Acid Jazz scene. Imagine Massive Attack taking a handful of downs and producing Janis Ian.

Portishead are Geoff Barrow and Beth Gibbons who together blend traditional songwriting with multimedia, particularly cinematic references, blending thriller/ suspense and action genres with surreal and sparse soundtracks from the new wave film movements of the 60s and 70s. Geoff, while working at a studio in Portishead, met Massive Attack, and through them met Neneh Cherry. He subsequently co-wrote 3 tracks with her on her last albulm "Homebrew". Portishead has recently remixed for Gabrielle and Depeche Mode.

The band's creative vision to write music directly cut to visuals was realized with their debut release, a short film entitled 'To Kill A Dead Man', which also serves (in an edited form) as the video for "Sour Times".

The debut US single "Sour Times (Nobody Loves Me)" is a gorgeously blue lament set to a loping hip-hop beat, with eggshell-fragile voclas and guitar twang in perfect synchronicity inside a shimmering arrangement.

"Portishead's music is moody and dark; soul renching torch songs set to low blood-pressure hip-hop grooves...A future classic." -- NME

"..makes Joy Division and The Smiths sound like prose from a Hallmark greeting card...records like this are one in a million." -- Billboard