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Just to warn all about entering your email address in any website guestbook.

Do you get emails promising you of untold fortunes from wives/sons/accountants/lawyers of dead dictators from Nigeria/Ivory Coast/South Africa/Angola/Namibia and other countries?

Here's how they get your email:

Scripts (web-crawlers) or individuals (often named MUGU GUYMEN) collect email addresses from guestbooks on websites.

In every Guestbook that has had emails collected you will see a guestbook post from a 419 (four-one-nine) Scam Group*: the text usually contains:
"mugu please keep off".

Entries from MUGUS or MUGU GUYMEN from Nigeria in a guest book indicate that all the e-mail addresses are now in the hands of 419 scammers from countries in West Africa. They're putting these warnings so that other 419 scammers should not re-harvest the e-mail addresses.

PLEASE THINK TWICE BEFORE PUTTING IN YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IN GUEST BOOKS. If you need to contact the owner(s) of a website, e-mail him/her/them directly.

Go to the: Google Search Engine and do a search of GUYMEN NIGERIA. Try it and you will find out that they are all over guestbooks they stake their claim too.

Beware of these scams. These mugus are the scum of the Internet. Please go to or for more information.

* 4-1-9: Four-One-Nine is the Nigerian criminal code for a widespread scam. One receives an unsolicited email, snail mail, or fax stating that millions of US dollars need to be removed from Nigeria (or some other country, usually in West Africa) and you have been selected by government, banking officials, or surviving relatives to assist.