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: Germanic people who invaded and conquered northern and central Italy between 568 and 572, founding the kingdom of Lombardy. The Lombards were gradually converted to Christianity, adopted the Latin language, and were assimilated by the inhabitants of the land. The Lombard dynasty was overthrown in 774 by Frankish king Charlemagne.
  •   "Lombards" is from the Latin Langobardi ; also referred to as the Longobards in older English texts ("longbeards"?)
  •   originally from southern Scandinavia (region/area) (?)
  •   known to the Romans from as early as AD 98, when the historian Tacitus mentioned them in his Germania.
  •   "Rome in decline": 570 AD: Last "Barbarian" Invasions (Lombards), End of the Senate



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6th Cent. A.D.

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Note: (?) means "unconfirmed"