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Radio France:
French News:   [video]

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City Pages: San Jose, California

How do I determine if I have the right amount of memory and flash for a Cisco software image?

Why won't my stupid Linksys wireless card work?
Andrew Blog (Daniel Dream Institute, links to Neil Gaiman blog)

Neil Gaiman Blog :

Roseanne T. Sullivan, Author [ articles and stories by Roseanne Sullivan ]

  • -- How Catholics Use the Bible [November 2002]
  • -- Crowd Control, Paris Style (Bastille Day, July 14, 1997) [July 2002]
  • -- Answering Scandal with Personal Holiness [May 2002]
  • -- Letter to the Editor- Artist's Parody of Our Lady of Guadalupe [April 2002]
  • -- Finding It All: A Home in San Jose's Northside Neighborhood [April 2002]
  • -- Ask Ms. Catholic [April 2002]
  • -- Epiphany Letter, 2001 (online version) [January 2002]
  • -- John Cornwell, the Author of Hitler's Pope: Historian or Conspiracy Theorist? [April 2000]
  • -- Press Release: Replacing the St. John the Baptist Parish Hall [July 1999]

Roseanne Sullivan essays

Daniel Institute for Dream Interpretation

Edward Gorey (Gothic Alphabet):

Dude, those Emily books are W E I R D ...

"Emily found the carcass of a small, dead animal today."
> turn page
"Emily feels no pain for the animal. She knows that God does not exist."
> turn page
"Emily digs a small, dead grave for the small, dead animal. But not because of God."
> turn page
"Emily loves to dig graves!"


20 questions:

it got the internet (well, called it cyberspace), onyx, and a dragon all in
15 questions or less. pretty cool!

That is FREAKY!

It got "robot" in 28 questions!


Word Play: fun with words (link page)

UCSC humanities corses Cultural studies > Celtic Studies

La Chanson Française: Un morceau vous a plu? Vous pouvez l'acquérir sur la boutique virtuelle de Radio France.

l The RPG Gamebook Museum (The Gamebook Scanning Project)

--Java arcade (
----Steve A Baker Arcade

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Photos