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Traveling to India


(notes for a trip to Chennai)

India Ministry Of Tourism website

  • Chennai City Guide (formerly Madras) [Tamil Nadu]
    "Madras is predominantly populated by Hindus"
    "All bus service route boards are written in Tamil and English."


Tamil - dilects include AIYANGAR; classification: southern Dravidian

Yoga is an element of Hinduism.
"In medieval times the esoteric ritual and yoga of Tantra and sects of fervent devotion (see bhakti ) arose and flourished. "
[see also "What is Tantra Yoga?"; Ashanga Yoga
Iyengar started his school of yoga in Pune, Maharashtra. (Maharashtra is the region of Mumbai/Bombay.)

What shall I do in Rishikesh??!!

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Maps of India
about Hinduism (beginner's guide)