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[ History]

1437 – 20 Feb - James I, King of Scotland, is assassinated by a group of conspirators led by Walter of Atholl after his efforts to break the influence of the Scottish nobility.
1437 - 21 Feb - Scotland's King James I is murdered by would-be usurpers in Scottish city of Perth.

1507 Feb 20 – Painter Gentile Bellini, son of Renaissance artist Jacopo Bellini and famed for his own scenes of Venice, dies.

1547 Feb 20 – King Edward VI of England is enthroned following the death of Henry VIII.

1570 Feb 20 – Lord Hunsdon defeats Leonard Dacre's rebel army, ending Northern Rebellion in England.

1631 Feb 20 – German Protestant princes form alliance with Sweden's King Gustavus II, setting the stage for the Swedish entry into the Thirty Years' War.

1653 Feb 20 - In the first English-Dutch War, the Dutch fleet under Van Tromp is defeated after three days by the English at the battle of Portland.