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Mignon means in English....

mignon: Dainty, elegant, fine, pretty, cute, sweet

                         Example: "Je pense qu'elle est mignon." ("I think she's cute.")

                        Therefore, a filet mignon is a "dainty fillet".

                        In Breton 1, mignon (or mignonez) means "friend".

It is from the French mignon (as in ) that we get the word MINION.
A minion, therefore, originally meant a " cutie", as we may see from "One of his dearest frends named Araspas which was..the very minion, playe felow, and companion of Cyrus from his youth." (from Palace of Pleasure, by William Painter, 1566).


[1]Gildas Perrot's Breton-French-English online dictionary