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[ < Latin depressio; French dépression.]
cf.: used in texts to point the reader to another location in the text


depression: Dejection; despondency; lowness.

                         Example: "In a great depression of spirit." -Baker.

Various meanings:
1. The act of depressing.
2. The state of being depressed; a sinking.
3. A falling in of the surface; a sinking below its true place;
  a cavity or hollow; as, roughness consists in little protuberances and depressions.
4. Humiliation; abasement, as of pride.
5. Dejection; despondency; lowness.
6. Diminution, as of trade, etc.; inactivity; dullness.
7. (Astronomy) The angular distance of a celestial object below the horizon.
8. (Mathematics) The operation of reducing to a lower degree; -- said of equations.
9. (Surgical) A method of operating for cataract; couching. See Couch, v. t., 8.