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How can I print web pages from Internet Explorer so that the page isn't cut off?

Answer 1 (preferred)


Instead, get yourself a Mozilla-based browser, such as Netscape, SeaMonkey (about/download), or Firefox .


The following graphic illustrates the advantages of printing in a Mozilla-based browser instead of IE6 (screenshots are from SeaMonkey version 1.1.2 (released May 30, 2007)):

Answer 2

You can try using a free application from HP, called 'HP Smart Web Printing' (dj-47192-2).
From the HP web site:

"HP Smart Web Printing enables simple, predictable web printing and provides control over what you want and how you want it printed."

"Product Specifications" > Features

HP Smart Printing software enhances the browsing experience by automatically fixing problems that are encountered when printing web pages.

  • Automatically scales output to fix right-edge clipping and eliminate wasteful prints containing clipped pages or a few lines of useless text.
  • Provides a preview with automatic fixes and more control over printed output.
  • Allows users to select text and graphics easily from any web site and save a handy list of clips.
  • Provides a Clip Book pane which can be hidden, just like the standard IE Favorites, History, or Search panes.
  • Provides a Print Clip window to compose (arrange) and modify clips before printing.

For details on the features found in this application (a plug-in for Internet Explorer) and to download, see the following pages on the HP WebSite:

    HP Navigation Title What you'll actually find
»   About (Feature Overview) (start here)
»   Download Page  
»   HP Smart Web Printing 2.0 Index Page (all liks seen here in this table)
  » "Solve a problem" HP Web Printing Solution 2.0 - Warranty and Support Information
  » "Software & Driver downloads" points to download page
  » "Setup and install" provides only the page "HP Web Printing Solution 2.0 - Uninstalling the Software on a Computer Using Windows"
  » "How to use" Provides no / zero / ziltch information about how to use it. Instructions are probably found in the program after you install it.
  » Product information has (only) links to " Warranty and Support Information " and "Product Specifications" (seen above on this page)

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