Technical Service Bulletins
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Technical service bulletins (TSBs) are issued by NISSAN to assist technicians with diagnosis and repair. TSBs address specific concerns or conditions such as rough idles, noises and rattles. These specific concerns can be the result of customer or repair shop feedback. The TSB for a specific concern or condition will provide an up-to-date engineering-approved vehicle modification, repair procedure or service part.

Maxima (A32) 95-99

TP Front and Rear Catalyst Identification for DTC P0420/P0430 Incidents
TP 1995 Maxima; MIL "ON" with DTC P0400
TP Active Test for P0443 (EVAP canister purge control & solenoid valve)
TP 1996 Maxima; MIL 'ON' DTC P0443
SB All 1996-later Nissan; EVAP Vent Control Valve Diagnostics
SB Nissan; EVAP Sys. Cleaning Proc. for EVAP Can. Charc. Leakage Incidents
SB 1999 Maxima; MIL 'ON' with DTC P1320 Stored Due to Ignition Coil(s)
SB DTC 1491 (Vacuum Cut/V Bypass/V) Diagnosis
SB Nissan; Connector and Terminal Pin Service Manual
SB 1995 Maxima/240SX; Powertrain On Board Diagnostics (OBD-II).
SB 1995 Maxima & 240SX; Cautions For Servicing Engine Control System.
SB 1995 Maxima; Evaporative Purge Control Valve Active Test Caution
SB 1995 Maxima And 240SX; Rear O2 Sensor Torque Precaution
SB Tail Pipe Finisher Installation
SB Mil Light 'On' Codes P0340, P1335, P1336, And P0335
SB OBD-II ECM Connector Bolt
SB Precautions for testing/Diag. the ECCS to Avoid ECM Damage
SB Mil Light 'On', DTC P0443, 95' Maxima (CA spec. only)
SB Green Or Blue (Fuel Pump & A/C) Relay Caution
SB 1995 Maxima; Hard Cranking
SB Engine Cranks, But Will Not Start or is Hard to Start
SB 1996 Maxima; MIL 'On' due to water entering the EVAP system canister
SB Precautions For Elect. Concentrated Engine Control System Testing
SB 1997 Maxima; MIL 'ON'; P0300
SB MIL 'On', DTC P0450, PO443, P0446
SB 1995-97 Maxima; Intermittent No Start
SB 1995-97 Maxima; Spark Knock
SB 1995-98 Maxima; MIL "On" and DTC P1335 stored due to Harness Contact
SB 1995-99 Maxima; EGI Harness Diagnosis and Repair Procedure
SB 1997 Maxima; MIL "On" With DTC P0136
SB 1995 Maxima; MIL 'ON' with DTC P0300 through P0306 stored
SB Performing CONSULT 'DTC Confirmation" for P0440 on 1998 MY vehicles
SB 1996-1997 Nissan; System Readiness Test (SRT) Drive Patterns
SB All Nissan; EVAP Canister/Vent Control Valve Application For Veh's W/
SB Nissan; Diagnostic Procedure for DTCs P0120, P0510, P0731-733
SB Nissan; Vacuum Hose Installations
SB 1995-98 Maxima; Spark Knock During Engine Restart
SB 1998 Maxima; MIL 'ON' with DTC P0137 rear oxygen sensor (Min. voltage mon
SB 1995 Maxima; OBD II Warranty Extension
CP 1996 Maxima; Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) Issues
SB 1995-96 Altima/Maxima; MIL "On" DTC P0136-Sensor Not Responding Adequatel
SB 1998-99 Maxima; On/Off Throttle Shock
SB Nissan; S/M Procedure Change for Rear O2 Sensor DTCs
SB Nissan; Revised TPS Adjustment Procedure
CP Maxima (A32) And 240SX (S14) Emissions Label

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