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NIN - Lights in the Sky : Gift Video (HD)

This month's featured video is fresh 720p HD video available on YouTube
from Nine Inch Nails Lights in the Sky over Victoria concert :

Nine Inch Nails - Lights In The Sky - Victoria BC - The Good Soldier (720p)
[ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBdlIADyRYU&fmt=22 ]

From the Victoria "gift" footage, edited in premiere; posted Jan. 30th 2009. Note this video is just one in the series, so feel free to find your favorite song in the 'related videos' ...

Looking for more of the same? Or even better? Check it...


currently re-coding:
Rome: the complete second series
An Introduction to Greek Philosophy
(2DVD set)


Great Stoner Moments - Rocket Ship - from "Futurama: Bender's Game"

(remember, if you go to the source video, PLEASE click the 'Watch in High-Quality' link!)

The moment:

The original song is "Rocketship", by Kathy McCarty (Songs of Daniel Johnston):

My Video: "Futurama- Rocket ship - Stoner Repetition ReMix"

{link forthcoming}


An Internet Meme Trifecta

What happens when lolcatz meets OBAMICON and you add a timely US culturo-policital reference... internet meme gold.

yes you can





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