Web Blog (bookmarks) - 2007-02 - DEMO

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  Title:  Web Blog (bookmarks) - 2007-02 - DEMO Subjects, Labels, Categories, or other: web logging; tool tips;
width 497; height 381; src = excel-as-blogger_-_demo_files/Book1_6677_image002.jpg; file size = see below
This is a test of blogged bookmarks  
  using Excel.  (2007-02  
  The image was a [Alt] + [Print Screen]  
  Then 60% was selected as the "Size" in 'Format Picture'.
  Guidelines: assume screensize of 1280 x 960  
  (have smaller or larger? Please try the 
  amazingly useful % resize for the web, available for free 
  in the Opera browser.  
Note that Excel's conception of size  
  3.97" by 5.18"  
  renders in Save as web page to  
  and associated file: