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Feb 25, 2007



Advantage of blogging in wiki vs normal: engine automatically saves your diffs and change history for you.


Feb 21, 2007

In response to a comment on Digg.com: "That teachers a fuckin retart, he spelled hopeful with 2 ll's, that's wrong...and for noob...Extra Credit POINTs!!"

click for Full Size - Tart, Retart, Retarted

Feb 10, 2007

Picasa photo blog test:

Monday, February 6, 2007 - What is identity? (or " 'Corportate Indentity' , and other bullshit marketing terms" )


'Identity' is a thing, a collection of things, or a process used to establish that thing A is the same as thing B.

The word 'identity' has different meanings depending on context; it should almost always be used with a modifier to clarify what type of identity is being discussed.

Most occurances of the word 'identity' are, to be precise, refering to 'personal identity', also called 'individual identity' or 'psychological identity' -- in other words, a person's conception of themselves.

Your personal identity is the collection of things (concepts, ideas) that you use to identify yourself to yourself. This is also called "a sense of identity." (More on this later.)

This is in contrast with another commonly heard use of the word in the phrase "identity theft" -- this 'identity' is the collection of things (pieces of data/information) that businesses and government use to identify that a given person is "who they claim to be." This use of the word is your 'financial identity'; the identity used by those groups which need to collect information about a person so that they can reliably collect money from that person in the future.

Identity has the same root, and a shared meaning with, the word 'identify'. Both words have a base meaning of 'to make identical to', 'to establish that two things are the same', 'to make one thing equivalent to another, in thought or in reality'.

To identify something means to perform a process (often a thought process) to establish (confirm) that one thing is the same as another thing. For example, if you identify someone, you are establishing that that person is the same as the word for that person (i.e. that person is their name; e.g. "that person = John"). Likewise, if you identify some thing, your are establishing that that thing is the same as, or equivalant to, the word that represents it. Or, you could be establishing its sameness to something else besides a word. For example, to "identify stolen goods" means to do something to establish that a collection of things (goods) is the same as the collection of things you know were stolen. Or, if you are identifying a person without knowing their name, you are establishing that that person is the same as a person you remember seeing before. It is the characteristics of the thing you are identifying that make up its identity to you.

Likewise, there is a collection of things that allow an institution, such as a bank, or a health care plan, or a government, to establish that you are the same as the person who has X amount of dollars in their bank, who owes them Y amount of money in taxes from a loan, who had such and such health problem, who was convicted of such and such crime, and so on. This collection of things is your identity to them.

But this use of the word identity does not match well with the pyschological meaning of identity. An institution does not really care about who you are, only the things, such as an identification card, or a name, or a social security number, or a credit card number, that allow them to establish that some person performing a transaction can be properly associated with some collection of other data. In other words, "you" and your personal identity are not really important from a financial identity point of view; only the relationship between a current piece of data about your activities and past and future pieces of data are important. This is why "identity theft" is so easy and common; the small collection of words and numbers used to identify (establish the sameness of) the individual performing a current transaction with the person that performed past transactions is not really the same thing as establishing a person's identity (which is a more wholistic collection of things).

This brings us back to your personal identity, and the perhaps odd-seeming definition given above. In psychological terms, your identity is the set (collection) of all the thoughts, ideas, and perceptions (things) that allow you to determine who you are. This identification process is actually an internal process of establishing that 'you' are the same as something else.

"I am..." means "I am the same as ...".

The theory at work in examinations of identity is one of establishing sameness, primarily with other people, but also with actions, places, feelings, and so on. The assumption is that conceptions of what you are _not_ arise out of perceptions of what you _are_. And conceptions are what you _are_ , or _who_ you are, comes from equating yourself with things (groups of people, a community, an activity, a philosophy, and so on).

The phrase "I can identify with ____." means that you can relate your experience or thoughts as being the same as ______.

A good example of this meaning can be found in the phrase 'identity crisis'. An identity crisis describes the feelings associated with a realisation that you are not, or might not be, the same as the things that you have perviously identified yourself with. For example, if you equated yourself with a sport, say football, and with the team you played with, and you had a realisation that you "are not a football player", or that you were completely unlike the other people on your team, this could lead to a cascading sense that you are not the same person you thought you were (an emotional crisis of identity).


"Corporate identity" , on the other hand, is another euphamism created by advertising people ("marketing" is, in itself, another euphamism) as part of an ongoing effort to advocate the idea that corporations (companies) have the same characteristics (including rights) as individuals.



(stopping at 2:21 AM, Feb 6 2007; perhaps more later)


66. Today people live more by virtue of what the system does FOR them or TO them than by virtue of what they do for themselves. And what they do for themselves is done more and more along channels laid down by the system. Opportunities tend to be those that the system provides, the opportunities must be exploited in accord with the rules and regulations [13], and techniques prescribed by experts must be followed if there is to be a chance of success.

67. Thus the power process is disrupted in our society through a deficiency of real goals and a deficiency of autonomy in pursuit of goals. But it is also disrupted because of those human drives that fall into group 3: the drives that one cannot adequately satisfy no matter how much effort one makes.

what is lyberty?



2007-02-01 - Finally caught up with the latest diggnation episode

Gotta say, that h.264 640x480 scales quite nicely to 1280x1024 ....

Click Image to Enlarge.

( http://www.diggnation.com )

2007-02-01 - The "original" iPhone: ( www.linksys.com/iphone )
Does Cisco realize how lame this thing looks?

Click to Enlarge Image.


See also: "Cisco Sues Apple for Trademark Infringement ; Suit Filed to Protect Cisco's iPhone® Trademark" (Cisco News Release)


How To Solve Any Physics Problem

Answer: No, there's an elephant in the way.

... plus, there's no such thing as a frictionless ramp. I'm just saying.

Which reminds me ; Find x


from the archives: DMA? ATA? IDE? EIDE? UDMA? SATA? P-ATA? ultra DMA33? sata? p-ata? ata66? ATA/150? ata100/ata133? Can someone tell the hard drive companies to standardize how they name their
damn drives?

January 25, 2007 -

Yahoo's user migration from Flicker is causing a stink...
Here's another acquisition and privacy policy you might have missed:

Note: On December 09, 2005, del.icio.us became part of the Yahoo! network of products and services. Information collected by del.icio.us will continue to be subject to the del.icio.us privacy policy, posted here. To learn more about how Yahoo! uses other information not collected on del.icio.us please see read the Yahoo! Privacy Policy.

See also: digg.com

January 24, 2007 -

Slick new pop-ups for the Google translation service (so you can see the source text and the translated text at the same time, instead of the old way, in which you'd have to open a new browser window at look at the pages side-by-side) [click images to enlarge] :

   Original Page:

   Standard Translation Page:

    On mouse-over:

Try it now! Copy this url [ http://www.sekigun.com/history/yuanchuang/weixin04.htm ] and paste it into the Google Trans, Chinese to English Beta option.

And if you're wondering what it's good for...

well, theres the fact that it helps you if you're studying the language and you need to clarify what the translation's original text was...

but even more importantly, it helped me discover that the Chinese characters used for the movie 'Snakes on a Plane' are
"Snakes Latest Air Disaster !"

screenshots are from Opera, the best web browser ever.

January 23, 2007 - "
The iBoy and the iMan"
(Everything old is new again)

Modding the iPod - The GamePod!

I mean, the iBoy!

The buttons even work to control it!

      [ slideshow link | details link ]

No? Not your thing?

Then I give you: The WalkPod!

I mean, the iMan!



January 23, 2007 -


__ Plays MP4 on DVD-Recordable?   Price 
X-Box 360 No. Doesn't play MP4/Xvid or Divx formats; has to be either
a) streamed* to the box from a Media Center Edition pc, or
b) encoded as Windows Media (?)
i.e WMV or get media streaming software for transmission over Ethernet.
"Currently available media sharing software includes Windows Media Player 11, Zune, and Windows Media Connect."
  $300 - $400
iTV No. Plays MP4 / h.264 (.mp4, .m4v, .mov), but doesn't play DVD-Recordables;
must be streamed by ethernet or wireless.
(can also be loaded via usb??)
H.264 and protected H.264 (iTunes Store video) and MPEG-4:
but ONLY 640 by 480, 30 fps, Simple Profile. ??
PS3 Yes. Can play AVC (advanced profile) MPEG4 (.mp4). You can even plug a Video iPod into it, and go!
But all that is needed, because, reportedly, it can't stream video from a PC!
By the way; it doesn't upconvert video (mp4 or regular MPEG2/VOB DVDs).
No info to be found on the sony support site about MP4 Subtitle support... (must not have it)
  What is it?
$600 if you
can find one
for sale?

*Get this; for a wireless connection (NOT built in) : "The Xbox 360 console supports only the Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter and Xbox Live Compatible wireless-to-Ethernet bridges, routers, and gateways bearing the Xbox Live Compatible logo."
** Conversion through Zune: "Windows Media Video (.wmv); MPEG4 (.mp4, .m4v, .mov): Simple Profile, all bitrates, and resolutions; H.264 (.mp4, .m4v, .mov): Baseline and Main Profile (no AVC/Advance Profile support for video).
But note that it alls gets converted to a proprietary windows format.
"Why does Zune convert my videos?" [So we can try to control how you use the videos.] "To ensure an enjoyable playback experience on Zune, the Zune software converts all video using a profile that strikes a balance between quality, file size, and CPU usage."


I'm still left with the feeling that you're just better off spending a little more for a laptop or PC (HTPC) that supports Component video out...
that way you get it all; Nero MP4 with AVC, subtitles and multiple 5.1 audio, wireless networking, playes all types of burned media and usb memory, you can play not only DivX or Xvid, but also DVB (digital tv format, .ps), etc... Get a good enough laptop, and you can theoretically do upconversion on the fly as well. Plus, PCs play games too!



X-Box 3.6.0. support: http://www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers.php?DVDnameid=6421&Search=Search&#comments
X-Box 3-six-oh "faq": http://www.xbox.com/en-US/support/?WT.svl=nav

January 22, 2007 -

Screenshot of Opera browser , Japanese version.

January 22
, 2007 -

PHP & MySQL Everyday Apps For Dummies

Provides Web developers using the popular combination of PHP (a scripting language) and MySQL (a database system) with practical applications that they can adapt and put to work right away A 2002 survey found that PHP was running on over 9 million Web sites, and there have been over 1.8 million PHP downloads since May 2002; MySQL reports 2 million users Applications include a user login, an online catalog, a shopping cart, a content management system, a Web forum, and a mailing list management system The author walks readers through the creation of each application, offering two different versions-procedural (the traditional PHP coding method) and object-oriented (new in PHP 5).


January 21, 2007 -

Nerdvana with Konfabulator (Yahoo) Widgets:

Click to enlarge.


January 8, 2007 -

January 4, 2007 -

Traffic Report for the first week of the new year...


January 1, 2007 - Akemashite, Omedetô Gozaimasu

Kotoshimo dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Direct Download for New Year's:

~ DETHJINGLE mp3 , 2.24 MB ~ (right click, save file as....)

= Lyrics =

Do You Folks Like Coffee?

[ ]
Real Coffee,
From the Hills Of Colombia?

[ ]

Then Duncan Hills Will Wake You
From A Thousand Deaths.
A Cup Of Life, Of Blood.
[Dying, Dying]
You're Dying For A Cup.

Guatemala Blend,
French Vanilla Roast.
[Dying, Dying]
You're Dying For A Cup.

[ ]

Prepare For Ultimate Flavor!
You're Gonna Get Some ... Now!

[ ]
And Scream... For Your Cream!


Duncan Hills,
Duncan Hills,
Duncan Hills Coffee.

Merry Christmas: hope you didn't get visited by the Krumpis (Krampus) instead of St. Nick..

The Krampus, the fiery companion of European Santa, approaching a little girl and boy on this Victorian litho postcard. Both are frightened.

Santa Claus and a Krampus:

(The Krampus is a devil-like creature who accompanies St. Nicholas on the 6th of December, and who takes away very bad children in a pail.)

If you do not behave, here you can see...   The Krumpis takes away bad children.


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